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Anything and everything related to the automotive industry. Whether it’s racing, a new model, a part recall, or a unique car fact, find or share your automotive news here.
Honda Odyssey recall

2014 Honda Odyssey Recall

Honda Odyssey recall affects nearly 24,889 model-year 2014 Honda Odyssey minivans.
17.05.2014 - 13:45 - Anna at Car news
Web Redesign

Redesign Your Car Website With Best Web Design Company At Affordable Price

Are you looking for Best Web Design company to redesign and upgrade your Car website for business???
14.05.2014 - 11:51 - zinavo at Car news

The 30th Anniversary BMW M5 sports More Power and Forged Wheels

BMW has made the M5 for an amazing 30 years. To celebrate, they’re unveiling a new 30th anniversary special edition model with even more power, exclusive features, and even forged wheels.
12.05.2014 - 22:30 - Clark at Car news
GM recalling Cadillac SRX

GM recalling Cadillac SRX Luxury Crossovers

GM is recalling Cadillac SRX crossovers from model-year 2013 equipped with a 3.6-liter engine.
08.05.2014 - 00:23 - Anna at Car news
2014 Ram 1500

Chrysler replacing transmissions on 2014 Ram 1500s

It is now known about Chrysler replacing transmissions on model-year 2014 Ram 1500 vehicles.
07.05.2014 - 23:55 - Anna at Car news
Saturn Aura recall

Model-years 2007-2008 Saturn Aura Recall

Saturn Aura recall affects nearly 56,214 vehicles from 2007-2008 model years.
07.05.2014 - 23:16 - Anna at Car news
Mercedes-Benz GL-Class recall

Mercedes-Benz GL-Class Recall

Nearly 70 vehicles are affected by Mercedes-Benz GL-Class recall.
03.05.2014 - 20:11 - Anna at Car news
BMW recall

Model-Years 2010-2012 BMW Recall

Nearly 156,137 BMW vehicles are affected by BMW Recall.
03.05.2014 - 15:18 - Anna at Car news

How to Pick the Right Storage Container for Your Belongings

In this article I am covering How to pick the Right Storage Container for your Belongings.
02.05.2014 - 18:03 - stella at Car news

Keeping Up With the Times What You Need to Know about Changes in the Auto Industry

Staying informed about what is happening in the auto industry will help you to make the best decisions as a driver and a consumer. Read on to get a few updates on the latest trends in the auto industry that might have an affect on you.
01.05.2014 - 23:50 - andraea at Car news
Mercedes-Benz C-Class recall

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Recall

Mercedes-Benz C-Class recall affects nearly 253,000 vehicles in the U.S.
01.05.2014 - 18:55 - Anna at Car news
GM shipping Ignition Kits

GM shipping Ignition Kits for affected Cars

GM is shipping ignition kits for the affected cars. The kits consist of ignition switches, ignition cylinders and key sets.
25.04.2014 - 19:10 - Anna at Car news
Jaguar Land Rover Recall

Jaguar Land Rover Recall affecting almost 300 Luxury Cars

Jaguar Land Rover recall affects two sets of vehicles.
25.04.2014 - 17:40 - Anna at Car news
Nissan Pathfinder recall

Nissan Pathfinder Recall: 3,065 Vehicles affected

Nissan Pathfinder recall affects 3,065 model-year 2013 Pathfinders.
25.04.2014 - 17:16 - Anna at Car news
Volkswagen recall

Volkswagen voluntary Recall: Jetta, Passat, Beetle, Beetle Convertible affected

Volkswagen voluntary recall affects nearly 26,452 vehicles.
25.04.2014 - 16:20 - Anna at Car news
Mazda3, Mazda6 recall

Mazda3, Mazda6 Recall

Nearly 5.700 vehicles are affected by Mazda3, Mazda6 recall.
24.04.2014 - 00:45 - Anna at Car news
Ford acceleration probe

Ford Acceleration Probe closed by the NHTSA

Ford acceleration probe has been closed by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).
23.04.2014 - 20:58 - Anna at Car news
Mazda Tribute Recall

Mazda Tribute Recall affecting 109,000 Vehicles

Mazda Tribute recall affects nearly 109,000 Tribute vehicles of 2001-2004 model years.
21.04.2014 - 21:49 - Anna at Car news
Volkswagen Passat Recall

Volkswagen Passat Recall due to faulty Headlights

Volkswagen Passat recall affects model-years 2012-2013 Volkswagen Passat vehicles due to headlight failure.
21.04.2014 - 20:32 - Anna at Car news
Infiniti QX80 Recall

Model Year Infiniti QX80 Recall

More than 460 Infiniti QX80 SUVs are affected by Infiniti QX80 Recall.
21.04.2014 - 14:08 - Anna at Car news