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Airbag Recall widens

Airbag Recall widens: BMW, Chrysler, Ford and Toyota affected

You may remember one of my last articles where I was talking about the latest airbag issue affecting more and more vehicles. Here, the airbag recall widens affecting such nameplates as BMW, Chrysler, Ford and Toyota.
29.06.2014 - 00:02 - Anna at Car news
Airbag Issue

Airbag Issue: Honda, Nissan and Mazda Vehicles affected

Honda, Nissan and Mazda are adding nearly 3 million more vehicles to the recall due to the airbag issue.
28.06.2014 - 02:04 - Anna at Car news
Ford F-150 cars

Ford recalling MY 2014 Ford F-150 Cars

Model-year 2014 Ford F-150 cars are affected by Ford recall.
28.06.2014 - 01:36 - Anna at Car news
GM offers dealer bonuses

GM offers Dealer Bonuses to boost Ignition-Switch Repairs

GM offers dealer bonuses in order to boost the ignition-switch recall repairs.
26.06.2014 - 11:29 - Anna at Car news
Lexus GS 350 recall

Lexus GS 350 Recall

More than 10,400 vehicles are affected by this new Lexus GS 350 recall.
25.06.2014 - 00:18 - Anna at Car news
Kia Cadenza Recall

Kia Cadenza Recall affecting over 3K Cars

Model-year 2014 Kia Cadenzas are involved in Kia Cadenza recall.
24.06.2014 - 23:51 - Anna at Car news
Three separate recalls

GM conducting three separate Recalls

Three separate recalls are being conducted by General Motors.
24.06.2014 - 22:20 - Anna at Car news
Mazda Tribute recall

Model-Years 2008-2011 Mazda Tribute Recall

Nearly 33,000 vehicles are affected by this Mazda Tribute recall.
22.06.2014 - 22:36 - Anna at Car news
Ignition Switch Issue

Ignition Switch Issue: GM recalling another 3 Million Vehicles

General Motors is recalling another 3 million vehicles due to the ignition switch issue.
22.06.2014 - 00:12 - Anna at Car news
ignition-switch recall cars

GM has fixed 150K of the Ignition-Switch Recall Cars

GM has fixed nearly 154,000 of the ignition-switch recall cars. This number corresponds to 6% of the total number of the affected vehicles which is 2.59 million.
21.06.2014 - 23:42 - Anna at Car news
Pontiac Vibes are added

85K Pontiac Vibes added to the Airbag Recall

Toyota has announced about a recall due to faulty airbags. Nearly 766,300 vehicles were affected by this recall.
20.06.2014 - 21:39 - Anna at Car news
Saab 9-3 Convertible recall

Model-years 2004-2011 Saab 9-3 Convertible Recall

Involved in Saab 9-3 Convertible recall are model-years 2004-2011 Saab 9-3 convertibles.
20.06.2014 - 20:33 - Anna at Car news
Buick LaCrosse Recall

Model-Year 2014 Buick LaCrosse Recall

Model-year 2014 Buick LaCrosse recall affects more than 17,760 sedans.
19.06.2014 - 23:36 - Anna at Car news
Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport recalled due to faulty ECU

Mitsubishi is recalling certain Mitsubishi Outlander Sport vehicles due to problems with the ECU.
19.06.2014 - 22:59 - Anna at Car news
daily fine on GM

NHTSA stops $7,000 daily Fine on General Motors

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) stops $7,000 daily fine on GM.
19.06.2014 - 21:26 - Anna at Car news
Chevrolet Sonic recall

Chevrolet Sonic Recall: Over 21K Cars affected

Chevrolet Sonic recall affects more than 21,560 vehicles from 2012 model-year.
16.06.2014 - 23:28 - Anna at Car news
Honda Fit Recall

Honda Fit Recall: Over 1000 Vehicles affected

Over 1000 vehicles are affected by Honda Fit recall.
16.06.2014 - 22:02 - Anna at Car news
General Motors apologizes

General Motors apologizes for sending Recall Notices to Victims' Families

General Motors apologizes for sending recall notifications to the families of those people who have already died due to the ignition switch defect.
16.06.2014 - 20:49 - Anna at Car news
Chevrolet Camaro recall

Model-Years 2010-2014 Chevrolet Camaro Recall

More than 464.700 vehicles are affected by Chevrolet Camaro recall.
15.06.2014 - 21:45 - Anna at Car news
 Fiat 500e

Fiat 500e Recall: More than 4K Vehicles affected

Fiat 500e recall affects more than 4,141 vehicles from 2013-2014 model years.
11.06.2014 - 20:00 - Anna at Car news