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Writing Original Content

The most important thing is original content! We care about our readers (car lovers), and you should too. We believe that original, informative and fun for reading content is not easy to write. But it's the best way to other people spread love about your content and you.

Article Guidelines!
Do Not!

The best tips for creating original content

Write about automotive topic/s that interest you. It's easier to create extraordinary content if you write about things that you enjoy, things that you are interest in.


# 1. How to Write an Extraordinary Title

Most writers use "generic" titles for articles. Let's say you are going to write about "Lamborghini Gallardo Wheels" . In this case, generic-style title would be "Lamborghini Gallardo Wheels". As it happens, this is a wrong the way to create a title for a unique story.

Simply insert our "generic" title ( Lamborghini Gallardo Wheels) in Google and you will see results for yourself. There are million stories with the exact title, henceforth it's hard for people to  find your story.

What you need is to be more specific and more creative. Check some suggestions below:

1. Wheels and Tuning for a Lamborghini Gallardo
2. Best Wheel Size For a Lamborghini Gallardo
3. Where to Buy Lamborghini Gallardo Wheels
4. Best Looking Lamborghini Gallardo Rims
5. Lamborghini Gallardo Wheels Design etc.


# 2. Find Attractive And Story-Related Image

Your story needs a great image for sure. Why so? If you pick related and attractive image, there is a high chance that people will share it on Pinterest, Facebook (you'll get tons of likes) etc. Quite simply your story will get more exposure.

How do you find an image for your story easily and quickly? Simply Google for images related to your topic, check up few images, and pick the best. Simple as that. And don't forget to give credits to the image source!


# 3. Description matters

Users browse through content on RpmRush and Google everyday. The only thing they see in the results is title and description, so you can be sure they will read your article if you provide an attractive and SEO-optimized description.

How create story guide.

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Article Guidelines


Dear Authors,

We at RpmRush strongly encourage article post hosting! Below you will find few simple guidelines you should apply before your content is 100% eligible for publishing at RpmRush.


  1. Minimum article length is 500 words including one (1) backlink.
  2. 1000+ words long articles are granted two (2) backlinks.
  3. Anchor text can be assembled of 3 words max
  4. We do not tolerate plagiarism.
  5. We do not allow self-promoting content.
  6. Keep your articles informative and pay attention to grammar and wording.


  • Add a cool photo!
  • Link out to reputable sources like Wikipedia!
  • Break text down into paragraphs!
  • Don't exaggerate with keywords!

What NOT to do?!


According to the latest experience, we noticed that number of authors practice particular actions that decrease the overall quality of the published content. Have a look at the list of 'DON'Ts' to avoid having your article removed:

  1. Don't add your bio in article footer (bottom). You can add your avatar and bio on "Edit profile" option.
  2. Don't paste the article from Word.doc in the article body. You can either paste it from Notepad or type it yourself.
  3. Don't open two or more accounts at RpmRush. If so, we will delate all your accounts.
  4. Don't link (your backlinks) to websites that are not automotive related.

For any questions regarding publishing your articles you can contact us anytime.