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Link Removal Request

From time to time we receive link removal request from different emails. So why is this happen?

Many of you (website owners) hire ghost writers to promote websites for them by submitting articles supported with backlinks (we suggest you to open your officiel profile at RpmRush and take care of it). Many of them submit low quality articles with unnatural backlinks, after some time you want to remove those backlinks.

If you wish to remove backlinks you can do it in two ways:

1. Ask hires company to remove it, since they own profile at Rpm Rush or
2. Send us email from your website (the same as backlink) with removal request.

There is no other way to remove backlinks since only users who own profile can remove backlinks, we can remove it only if you send us removal request from the same web address which is supported with backlinks. In this way we protect you from competitors who try to manipulate us to remove your high quality backlinks.

Thanks for understanding, you can always contact us for more info.