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Honda Motor Company, Ltd. is a Japanese public multinational corporation primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles.

The Top 10 Safest Compact Cars

With some research, you can find a compact car with safety ratings to rival those of larger vehicles.
15.08.2014 - 00:25 - Emma at Security

The Best Car Safety Mechanisms For Your Family

The Best Car Safety Mechanisms For Your Family
06.08.2014 - 19:28 - Kandace at Car design
Honda Fit Recall

Honda Fit Recall: Over 1000 Vehicles affected

Over 1000 vehicles are affected by Honda Fit recall.
16.06.2014 - 22:02 - Anna at Car news
Honda Odyssey recall

2014 Honda Odyssey Recall

Honda Odyssey recall affects nearly 24,889 model-year 2014 Honda Odyssey minivans.
17.05.2014 - 13:45 - Anna at Car news

New Driver: Better Ways to Feel Prepared for The Final Test

Getting ready to get your license requires you are also ready to take the driving test.
12.05.2014 - 20:40 - Brooke at Car tips & advice

Six Essential Upgrades for the Amateur Racer

These six upgrades are necessary for any car you intend on taking to the track.
23.04.2014 - 00:07 - Emma at Auto sport
chevy cruze

Feeling the Pinch at the Pump 5 Cars With The Best Gas Mileage that Arent Hybrids

Despite all the hype about hybrids, there are a number of cars that obtain great gas mileage without being a hybrid.
25.03.2014 - 17:02 - Chaleigh at Buying a car
Honda recalling

Honda recalling nearly 900,000 Odyssey Minivans

Honda is recalling nearly 886,815 model year 2005-2010 Honda Odyssey minivans due to fire risk.
17.03.2014 - 19:09 - Anna at Car news
"These things suck...hahaha get it?"

How To Tell if Your Windshield Needs To Be Repaired or Replaced

It's hard to know when a little ding from some flying gravel or an old crack will make your entire windshield unsafe. Here are a few Tips:
26.02.2014 - 21:45 - Marlena at Car parts & accessories
hiding license plate 007

►► How to hide your car / motorcycle license plate

Use a switch or a remote control to hide a car or bike plate
27.01.2014 - 11:43 - James at Car parts & accessories
hiding license plate 007

007 License Plate Hide

Use a switch or a remote control to hide a car or bike plate
27.01.2014 - 11:38 - James at Car parts & accessories
Honda Fit

Heart on a Hatchback? Top 5 Contenders to Consider

Hatchbacks are a great, money-saving option. If you aren't sure which model to choose, check out these 5 top contenders.
21.01.2014 - 22:07 - Samantha at Review
Acura RLX recall

Acura 2014 RLX recall

Acura RLX recall affects nearly 8000 cars.
21.12.2013 - 15:03 - Anna at Car news
Acura MDX recall

Acura MDX SUV Recall

Honda Motor Corporation is recalling more than 19K vehicles.
15.12.2013 - 21:37 - Anna at Car news
Perfect Home Garage

Six Ideas For Creating the Perfect Home Auto Shop

If you are tired of searching for a new job, or just looking to earn a little extra money on the side doing something you love, check out these tips on creating the perfect home garage.
11.12.2013 - 18:14 - Marlena at Tuning & styling
Honda Jazz

Great New Car Deals on the Honda Jazz

The Honda Jazz represents the Japanese manufacturers bid to capture the sub-compact market and as such offers one of the best engineered cars that you can buy.
27.07.2013 - 08:37 - Webb at Car news
1994 Honda Accord

World's Most Commonly Stolen Cars

Learn more about some of the most commonly stolen vehicles on the road today as well as some tips for preventing car theft.
21.07.2013 - 00:36 - Jon at Car tips & advice

Honda Will Expose All Models At Tokyo Motor Show

Honda is going to expose most models at Tokyo Motor Show, including the N-ONE and several variations of popular Mugen Racing N-ONE concept.
27.12.2012 - 19:59 - Adam at Motor shows