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Ford Motor Company (also known as simply Ford) is an American multinational automaker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. It was founded by Henry Ford and incorporated on June 16, 1903.
C Max Hybrid Ford Vehicle

A Look At The Ford C-Max Hybrid

Hybrid cars were introduced to American consumers over a decade ago. Since then, sales have mounted significantly.
23.09.2013 - 22:20 - Roberto at Green Car
GEN-F h Clubsport R8

Fun, Philanthropy, Cars, It Can't Get Better Than That!

This article talks about how you can win either a Gen-F HSV Clubsport R8 or an FPV GT playing a charity lottery. Even if you don't get the car, you helped someone in need!
09.08.2013 - 14:50 - Mark at Car games & movies
Escape Recall Delay

Ford fined for Escape Recall Delay

Ford Motor Co. is fined for Escape recall delay. The automaker agreed to pay the $17.35 million penalty.
04.08.2013 - 22:20 - Anna at Car news
Ford Focus Centre Console

Ford Focus: Modifications To Consider

Have you ever wandered what to do with that plain old Ford of yours? Here we look at some of the additional features you could opt for.
23.07.2013 - 12:29 - Amber at Car parts & accessories
1994 Honda Accord

World's Most Commonly Stolen Cars

Learn more about some of the most commonly stolen vehicles on the road today as well as some tips for preventing car theft.
21.07.2013 - 00:36 - Jon at Car tips & advice

The Ford Focus RS with Forged Wheels and 375 Horsepower

The Ford Focus RS might be one of the hottest hatchbacks on the market but one British tuner is making it even hotter with 375 hp and forged wheels.
15.07.2013 - 22:27 - Clark at Tuning & styling
Hybrid Car Design

Power Pack Features Of The Latest Hybrid Car - 2014 Ford Fusion Fuel Efficiency

This article explains about features of the latest hybrid car.
09.07.2013 - 12:49 - Annie at Green Car
Used american domestic car

Have a Peek at the Top 10 Cars of American Heritage

These are the well described list of top 10 American cars you will appreciate.
04.07.2013 - 09:57 - Charles at Car news
Custom Headache Rack by Spyder Industries

Truck Accessories that Won't Make You Look Redneck

It's easy to over-accessorize your pickup truck. But doing so can make you look like a redneck. Don't look like a redneck. Just go with the essentials.
27.06.2013 - 23:52 - Curtis at Car parts & accessories
Caterham Supersport R 2013

Caterham Supersport R 2013 - 2.0L Duratec 180 HP

The newest Caterham's model Supersport R 2013 gets 40-hp boost from 2.0L Duratec.
14.11.2012 - 16:33 - Adam at Car news