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This article offers five tips for taking care of your autos both thoroughly and inexpensively.
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For sale
Here are five tips to help you be able to afford the car you want (or need) through smart buying and shrewd personal finances strategies. You can look to these five tips to better fit a car into your personal finances.
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Winter Driving
Winter weather can be hazardous and unpredictable. Driving in the winter requires extra attention to other vehicles, the weather, road conditions, and more maintenance to keep the car working properly. This article has five tips to help drivers maintain better control in icy or snowy conditions.
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Car Wreck
A car wreck doesn't only destroy your mode of transportation, it also hurts your wallet or purse. This article covers six different ideas for the financial woes following a car accident.
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flame car
Finding the car that reflects your personality may call for you to make some upgrades to better reflect you. There are plenty of modifications that you can make to truly make it your own. This article has five suggestions.
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Eco-friendly Fuel And World
We are consistently looking to improve upon automobile fuels. Desirable fuels are those that provide power with minimal impact on the environment, are renewable, and that are not harmful to humans. This article covers a few of the possibilities.
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Check Car Oil
Regular checkups are important for keeping your body healthy, and the same is true for your car! While a physical checkup for your body usually requires a trip to the doctor’s office, here are five basic checkups for your car that you can do yourself.
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Protect Your Car
5 Useful tips on how to keep your car from being burglarized