RpmRush Gallery – Add car photos in your article

Create car gallery

Last month we have finished new feature – galleries. You can browse all galleries by visiting gallery link in top header (check index page).

Each member of RpmRush is able to create their own galleries. Once you create your car gallery you can link it in your article and embed it. Even if you do not link to your gallery from within the article, you will still get exposure since your gallery gets its own page with your profile link, thus more people can find your profile, explore your articles etc.

Single gallery page (example): ferrari-f40

As you can see at the bottom of the gallery you can find author byline (with link to author profile), gallery name and description.

Future gallery updates

We are working hard to improve gallery upload feature and all the other services at RpmRush. Right now, we are planing to include more options:

1. Each photo description/title – (right now you can add only general gallery description; new option will support each photo description).
2. Comments – (all members will be able to comment all photos).
3. Gallery title will link to your article (if you include specific gallery in article, gallery title will be linked to that article, this will boost your article ranking on RpmRush and search engines as well).

How to create gallery at RpmRush? < Visit this link to learn how to add gallery!

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