How To Create Gallery At RpmRush

Once you are logged in, open up option box from a drop down menu, as shown on the picture below. Galleries are created in the same way as articles (stories). Click on Create Gallery to start the process.

How to create car gallery at RpmRush

1. Gallery name, description and category

Create gallery

Title – Create name for your Gallery.
Description – Describe your Gallery in the best possible way. Keep it short, concise and informative.
Kategorija – Assign your Gallery a category it belongs to.
Create gallery – Click on Create Gallery button.

You are ready for step 2.

IMPORTANT: Gallery title and its description are visible to the other members at the main gallery page. It is important for title and description to grab attention and be attractive. This allows the other members to find you easier, generating more visits to your profile, galleries and articles.

2. Add car photos

Click on Add Image icon in order to browse photos from your PC. Once you pick the files, you are ready for upload.

Add car photos

1. Add image – browse photos, images or logos from your PC. (Upload)
2. Save gallery.

Now your gallery has been created and successfully added at the main gallery page.

If you want to embed your Gallery inside one of your articles, follow instructions from below.

3. Insert your gallery in article

Clicking on your profile brings up all the galleries and articles you have published. You can edit them.

Instert gallery in article

1. Click on your profile to reach published galleries and articles.
2. Pick the Gallery you would like to embed inside the article. Clicking on your Gallery’s code brings up a box.
3. Copy and paste this code in the place within the article where you want your Gallery to appear, as shown on the picture below.

insert gallery code

You can see how embedded Gallery looks like on the picture below.

Gallery in article

Link below shows live Gallery embedded within the article. Gallery you will see had been created in tutorial you have just seen.
BMW e9 New Six CS Legendary Classic Coupe

Link below shows Gallery on its own.
Gallery: BMW e9 Images

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