How To Create Gallery At RpmRush

Once you are logged in, open up option box from a drop down menu, as shown on the picture below. Galleries are created in the same way as articles (stories). Click on Create Gallery to start the process.

How to create car gallery at RpmRush

1. Gallery name, description and category

Create gallery

Title – Create name for your Gallery.
Description – Describe your Gallery in the best possible way. Keep it short, concise and informative.
Kategorija – Assign your Gallery a category it belongs to.
Create gallery – Click on Create Gallery button.

You are ready for step 2.

IMPORTANT: Gallery title and its description are visible to the other members at the main gallery page. It is important for title and description to grab attention and be attractive. This allows the other members to find you easier, generating more visits to your profile, galleries and articles.

2. Add car photos

Click on Add Image icon in order to browse photos from your PC. Once you pick the files, you are ready for upload.

Add car photos

1. Add image – browse photos, images or logos from your PC. (Upload)
2. Save gallery.

Now your gallery has been created and successfully added at the main gallery page.

If you want to embed your Gallery inside one of your articles, follow instructions from below.

3. Insert your gallery in article

Clicking on your profile brings up all the galleries and articles you have published. You can edit them.

Instert gallery in article

1. Click on your profile to reach published galleries and articles.
2. Pick the Gallery you would like to embed inside the article. Clicking on your Gallery’s code brings up a box.
3. Copy and paste this code in the place within the article where you want your Gallery to appear, as shown on the picture below.

insert gallery code

You can see how embedded Gallery looks like on the picture below.

Gallery in article

Link below shows live Gallery embedded within the article. Gallery you will see had been created in tutorial you have just seen.
BMW e9 New Six CS Legendary Classic Coupe

Link below shows Gallery on its own.
Gallery: BMW e9 Images

RpmRush Gallery – Add car photos in your article

Create car gallery

Last month we have finished new feature – galleries. You can browse all galleries by visiting gallery link in top header (check index page).

Each member of RpmRush is able to create their own galleries. Once you create your car gallery you can link it in your article and embed it. Even if you do not link to your gallery from within the article, you will still get exposure since your gallery gets its own page with your profile link, thus more people can find your profile, explore your articles etc.

Single gallery page (example): ferrari-f40

As you can see at the bottom of the gallery you can find author byline (with link to author profile), gallery name and description.

Future gallery updates

We are working hard to improve gallery upload feature and all the other services at RpmRush. Right now, we are planing to include more options:

1. Each photo description/title – (right now you can add only general gallery description; new option will support each photo description).
2. Comments – (all members will be able to comment all photos).
3. Gallery title will link to your article (if you include specific gallery in article, gallery title will be linked to that article, this will boost your article ranking on RpmRush and search engines as well).

How to create gallery at RpmRush? < Visit this link to learn how to add gallery!

How To Create New Article On RpmRush

After you complete registration process using your social profiles (Facebook – Twitter) or by email, the best way to join our car fanatic network is to create article. Simply open drop-down menu at your profile and click on “Create story” button:

New Article

Open your profile menu and click on “Create story” to create first or new article on RpmRush

Now you are there, ready to write your unique and useful automotive story:

Add Story

Add story process step by step.

As you can see at image above, process of adding a new story is very simple and easy to understand. Now I am going to explain you every single step in case that you didn’t understand how to fill some field.

1. Title

Simply type a creative title which will describe your story.


This is URL for your story, you can leave this field empty and friendly URL will be automatically created. If you write a title such as “Sell a Car Top 5 Tips”, our system will automatically create friendly URL for your story:

If you want URL in the other style, simply type your favorite slug in field 2. Examples:

car-tips etc.

3. Description

Simply add summary (description) of your story. Try to make it catchy.

4. Keywords

Insert three keywords as tags. These keywords represent meta-tags and tags in general. The best way to make it right is to write the best three story related keywords.

5. Article Text

This is your main story text.

One tip: Include 3 or more headings and bold them.

6. Image

Upload your story-related image. This image will appear before the story (below description and right above the article’s body).
Add image title – This is image alt.
Add image description – This text appears above image.

7. Select Categories

There are two types of categories: general categories (topics) and manufacturer categories. You need to pick one general category and one (max two) manufacturer category. Simply click on “Select Categories” and categories will expand:

Pick car category

Left general categories (car topics) – right manufacturer subcategories.

8. Video

Video is optional. If you want to add video, just past embed code from your video in a video field.

The End (Preview, Save & Publish article)

Use Preview option any time to check the progress of your story and see how it is going to look like. If you save, your story will be saved in drafts (on your profile). Once you have done everything, you can use Publish option and your article will be live featured on RpmRush home page.

Make sure that you read our Terms Of Service and check writing original content tips.

If you have any additional question please leave a comment.

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