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Security | 15.01.2014 - 06:04

Guidelines for Keeping Your Coach Roadworthy and Safe for Your Passengers

Let’s look at some of the areas your service package should include to help your fleet of coaches to be the best on the road.

Because you’re transporting people around the UK from one place to another, you’ll want your motor coaches to be in the best operating condition possible. It’s important that you set up a maintenance program that is both compliant and effective for your fleet of motor coaches. If you purchased your coach from a reliable and reputable company, you’ll be able to take advantage of their service that can help you arrive at the various locations on your itinerary safely and without delay. Let’s look at some of the areas your service package should include to help your fleet of coaches to be the best on the road.


  1. Make sure that your drivers are doing a daily walk-around check before the coach is used. They should be looking for problems or defects that can cause an interruption in the trip that is planned for your clients. It’s imperative that they report the situation immediately and keep records of their initial findings and the actions that were taken to remedy the problems.
  2. Regular safety inspections must be performed on your fleet. The appropriate Department for Transport test should be followed to ascertain any violations or repairs that need to be addressed. Your safety records should include:


·         The name of the owner or operator

·         The date the inspection took place

·         The vehicle’s identity

·         The odometer reading

·         A list of everything that is to be inspected

·         A detailed list of any defects that are found

·         The inspector’s name

·         When and by whom repair work was done


  1. You should keep your safety records in a safe place for about 15 months to document that the proper inspection was done and the repair work that was performed to bring your coach back into compliance.


  1. Plan your maintenance and safety inspections regularly so that you can be made aware of any defects with your fleet of coaches and what needs to be done to make them compliant. You’ll want to continually monitor your fleet to ascertain any problems before they arise.


  1. Remember to maintain the proper service care for your coaches. Beyond the safety inspections and the walk-arounds that are conducted daily, you’ll want to have a maintenance schedule that coordinates with the manufacturer for routine service.


  1. Always keep your fleet clean both inside and out so that proper inspections can take place. It’s much easier to find defects that need repair if the vehicle is clean and tidy.


If you have purchased your coach from a used coach sales company that has high standards for the vehicles that they sell, you’ll be able to obtain a comprehensive warranty package that will offer you the service and maintenance that you need to keep your vehicle roadworthy and safe at all times. You can explore how to extend the warranty that is offered to you so that you’ll protect your investment for years to come.


Keeping your coach ready for your next set of passengers and the lovely trip that they have planned is a visible way that you can honour your commitment and show the pride that you have in your company.

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