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Car parts & accessories | 09.01.2014 - 08:10

Effective ways to prepare a recreational vehicle for Summer Storage

The word RV, which is the short form for recreational vehicle, applies to any big camper-model vehicle that contains its individual motor.

Even though some owners of the recreational vehicle make use of their vehicle all through the year, other people make use of their recreational vehicle for part of the year only. When you are not using your recreational vehicle, it should be properly stored in an RV and boat storage space in order to prevent the worsening the parts of the vehicle.


Earlier than storing the recreational vehicle in a lewisville RV storage space for the use of the summer season, you are required to take some preventive measures to make the vehicle function properly for the future use. Here are some steps to be followed for the proper functioning of the recreational vehicle.

Fill all the tires of the recreational vehicle to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure if they are low on pressure. Lower all screens to put off the interior of the recreational vehicle from the sun rays and fading. Set a sun guard in the front windshield, if it is not outfitted with a blind.


Vacuum the interior of the vehicle to take away debris and crumbs. Take away any food particle that is left on the floor or upholstery of the vehicle because as it can attract pests and animals. Also get rid of any stains by means of upholstery cleaner or a carpet-cleaning solution, and a sponge. Stains permitted to sit while in storage may turn out to be permanent.


Clean the outside of the recreational vehicle with water, soap, and scrub brush with a long-handle to ease the cleaning task. Rub the top of the scrub brush too by using a stepladder. Take away the awning, if applicable, and clean with water and soap to get rid of stains. Let the awning dry methodically earlier than replacing it on the recreational vehicle.


Spray window seals and roof seams by means of a garden hose to verify for leaks. Check for dampness in the interior of the vehicle as it attracts mold and mushroom. Seal any leaks by changing the rubber gaskets or if possible, with a silicone sealant. Separate the gas tank from the vehicle. Also, plug out electrical plugs of the all appliances from the outlets. Remove all food items from the refrigerator, and the freezer placed inside the vehicle. Unfreeze the freezer and annihilate the interior of both freezer and the refrigerator by means of a wet cloth.


Open all cabinets, drawers, and doors of the vehicle to prevent the damp buildup and to help control the temperature. Also, remember to open the doors of the freezer and refrigerator. Replace the filter of the air conditioner with a dirt-free filter and put a cover over the external portion of the air conditioning unit. Remove the battery from the vehicle and check the charge on it. Recharge the battery if the charge is low. Change the oil of the vehicle yourself or through a professional.

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