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Review | 10.11.2012 - 07:02

Star Is Born An Infiniti JX35

We have a new member in Infinity's family and it's called Infinity JX 35. If you have big familly and you're looking for style and luxury for affordable price, this vehicle is just right for you.
Infitniy JX 35
image source: caranddriver.com

Are you looking for luxury seven passengers or crossover with all new equipment that cost less than 50 000 ? Well you have come to the right place Infiniti JX is incredible and very affordable vehicle that include all new equipment such as the Acura MDX, Lexus GX and Lincoln MKT. After this vehicle is out we can forget about Nissan Pathfinder who definitely lose competition against Infitnite JX 35 model. This is a great product from Infiniti because except luxury crossover and amazing design you'll get well finished product with excellent kit, comfortable ride and good optimized fuel economy.

Style and Interior

When we are talking about JX style its no doubt stylish with very fluid shape. But some guys wouldn't like all stylish elements of this vehicle such as, supersized front grille and curved rear pillars. You must keep in mind that this car is specially designed for family and to treat it like a family car. With JX you get classic equipment and if you want something powerful with many options JX include a special package with plenty of electronic, safety and some handy comfort features. The interior of this car is made from high quality material to make you very comfortable even if you drive for high distance. One very interesting feature with Infinite JX 35 is a 360 degree camera system. It uses fish eye technology located up front, out back and under the side mirror. This feature will make you look like James Bond in some spy agent movie.

Efficiency and performance

The is second biggest vehicle behind immense QX and most powerful. It has 3.5LV6 and develops 265hp and 248 lb-ft of torque. You gain 100 km/h for 8.3 second and it's great for very bulky vehicle like this. Infiniti JX is the first car from this manufacturer who feature CVT automatic transmission or sport tuned CVT as the expert calls it. I don't agree with this feature of JX because it is not the best option for a vehicle with sporty pretensions. All other features of this model are great and Its for all commendation. The engine is brilliant and provides very smooth operations. At highway it spins at just 1700rpm and it's very interesting for the Sport model like this. I try Nissan Altima and results were almost same. But I was the most surprise with fuel economy with this vehicle. You can drive with Infinity JX 35 100 km and you'll spend 11.7 L which is actually good for monster with 4.400 lbs. This is a real family car and you'll feel very comfortable and fuel economy is better than FX models who also get engine upgrades for 2013.

Last word

If you are looking for a luxury vehicle with low fuel economy and this car is an excellent choice for you. From other equipment I forgot to mention forward collision warning, rearview camera, dual screen DVD with wireless headphones etc. You can buy Infinity JX 35 for only 40 000 % and for an extra 14 000 $ you can transform it to super machine with all necessary equipment.

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