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Road Warrior 101: How to Tame Your Busy Schedule

No matter how much you enjoy being on the road, even the most dedicated road warriors can become worn down from the routine or lack thereof.
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Remember to respect IP

No matter how much you enjoy being on the road, even the most dedicated road warriors can become worn down from the routine or lack thereof. Whether you're able to count on being in a certain city each night or you feel like you're blowing around the globe like a white dandelion puff, it's important to do what you can to keep your routine constant. Road warriors are notorious for building strange routines that somehow work for them, and there's a very good reason - humans are built to follow routines.


Taming your busy schedule doesn't have to mean letting your work performance suffer. In fact, it's often the other way around: if you don't give yourself enough time or tame your schedule enough, your performance actually suffers. Here are some tips to help you stay calm when your life is constantly busy.


Watch videos on the go.


If you miss watching TV every night because you're always on a train or plane, try downloading videos to watch on the go. You can't always count on having Internet access, so visit website downloading tools and use them to grab copyright-free videos such as lectures or even family videos like your child's school performances. Get into a routine of watching videos each night like you might watch TV and your body will know when it's time to relax and get to bed.


Schedule in "me" time every day.


You might constantly have lunch meetings or seminars, but missing out on "me" time will mess up your days. At the very least, find one block of time that you can count on as your own and guard it as jealously as you would protect an important meeting with your top client. Treat this time as sacred and don't let anything get in the way of it. It doesn't matter whether the time ends up being a long, hot 5 AM shower or a lunch on your own - pick something that you can count on getting and then make sure you follow through with it.


Take frequent meeting breaks.


Short and sweet meetings tend to work the best. If you're trying to settle major conflicts, however, this may not always be possible. If your meetings absolutely must drag on, make sure you take frequent breaks so you don't become burnt out and lose any creativity that was helping you along. This is especially important for introverts, who become drained rather than feeling recharged after each interaction.


Take up exercise or a hobby.


Some road warriors swim every day while others do sudoku puzzles on their phones. Choose some kind of exercise or a hobby you can perform regularly and use it to ground yourself no matter where you are. For instance, some world travelers bring running shoes everywhere and enjoy running in all kinds of different climates and cultures, while others prefer to bring a Kindle and read books in the evening.


Taming your schedule to create time for you doesn't mean sacrificing work time. If anything, it ensures that your best and most productive mindset is reserved for important work and you won't burn out and need to go home early. If you value the business activities that keep you on the road, take this time for yourself.


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Dexter Bell is a business manager. He enjoys sharing his insights into employee management and increased productivity and satisfaction.

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