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Car tips & advice | 04.12.2013 - 01:40

Your Car This Winter: 6 Cold Weather Care Pointers

This article talks about taking care of your car in the cold weather.
winter car

It’s that time of year again. Winter is moving in fast. Cars are stressed to the max in cold weather and require more energy and maintenance. Every driver will appreciate these tips to both prevent trouble before it starts and be prepared if it comes.


1) Do Basic Maintenance

This is especially important in winter. A tune-up and new filters will make your engine run more smoothly and efficiently. An inspection from engine to muffler will reveal problems that are easy to overlook.


2) Check Your Fluids

Automotive fluids are more sluggish in winter. Start with engine coolant, which keeps your engine from turning into a giant ice cube. Flush out dirty coolant and replace it with fresh. Change motor oil to a lower viscosity blend such as 5w30. Washer fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid and any other type your car uses should all be checked and replaced as needed.


3) Check Your Tires

Tires are the only part of the car that actually touches the road so their importance cannot be overstated. Check for problems such as low tread, flat spots, uneven wear, gouges, bulges, cuts, dents or other physical damage. Listen for humming or other unusual noise while driving. If you use winter tires, check them for readiness before putting them on.


4) Check Your Systems

How does everything work? If there are problems now, they will be worse in mid-winter. This includes batteries, lights and electrical parts, wipers, brakes, shocks, windows and doors, controls and more. Are you getting enough heat? Now is the time to find out.


5) Have An Emergency Kit

Several inexpensive items put together can be lifesavers. Start with a spare tire and jack, scraper and brush, jumper cables, a shovel and sand or cat litter, salt or road de-icer and even some energy bars for emergency food. Use your imagination for other items you ever wished you had on hand when you needed them.


6) Protect Your Car From The Elements

If you don’t have a garage, or your car won’t fit, consider renting indoor space. For more information please visit Extra Space Storage in Fredericksburg, VA for reliable winter car storage plus space for your seasonal automotive items and other storage needs.


None of us can afford to stay off the road and hide until spring returns. But with a little time and effort we can prepare our cars take care of us all year long.

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