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Car parts & accessories | 22.11.2013 - 12:41

What Are Wheel Locks And How To Install A Wheel Lock?

Wheel locks comprise sets of lug nuts in varying configurations and sizes made to fit the wheels of various car models and act as a protective lock against theft of expensive customized wheels and rims.
Wheel Locks
Wheel locks comprise sets of lug nuts

You have accoutered your car with customized wheels and aluminum rims and if the concern of their being stolen is bothering you, installing a wheel lock can solve the problem without having to shell out much from your pocket. Wheel locks are lug nuts designed specifically for prevention of theft of car wheels, spare tires and rims. They are available in myriad sizes as and varied configurations to be fitted to the wheels of various car models and need a socket or a key to bolt them by loosening or tightening to the motor wheel. In fact, the key configurations are so varied that it makes them difficult to be forged. Such wheel locks come extremely handy in situations where you require keeping the car in some place other than the secured shade of your garage such as at the shopping plaza or when you are going out of town. They are much cheaper than high-tech anti-theft alarms and can be installed quite easily. Take a quick glimpse into how to install a wheel lock yourself without having to call over a professional.

Installing Wheel Locks

For installing your wheel locks all you need is your wheel lock key and a tire iron. Take off the lug nuts off each tire one by one with the tire iron. Be careful not to lose the small lug nuts. It is wise to keep them somewhere safe such as the glove box. Screw the wheel locks upon the lugs manually with your hands. Now take the lock key and place it over the locking lug nut to tighten it with the tire iron. The key requires to be pressed inward in order to tighten the locks properly. If there are hubcaps which you had taken out before, reinstall them once you finish tightening the nuts. Make sure to repeat the process of tightening after you drive 25 miles. This re-tightening is essential after which you do not need to bother much about doing it again.

When changing or rotating tires or undergoing other car maintenance processes a lug wrench can be used to take off the lug nuts. However, you need to keep the key of the wheel locks properly especially when you are sending your car for some sort of servicing so as to enable the technicians remove the wheel locks with ease. Since the keys come with unique combinations to do away with easy duplication, companies dealing with wheel locks generally proffer a single set of wheel lock key. However, it is worthwhile to make another set and keep it in the car or elsewhere secured to get access to the wheels in case the original is tampered with or gets lost.

Car customization and trendy wheels and rims are prevalent among many car aficionados today and wheel locks definitely play a great means of protecting these from the prying eyes of thieves. For those who find it difficult to install wheel locks, it is worthwhile to get in touch with your local automotive technician who will do the job in a jiffy.


Author Bio:- Olivia Grey is a marketing professional and is very much interested in reading and writing. She loves to share useful information from her observation and experience. Know more on wheel locks visit @ mitico.com

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