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Security | 13.11.2013 - 00:20

Five Ways to Minimize Distractions in the Car

When driving it is important to make sure you are safe. Here are some ways not to be become distracted while driving.

The average person spends hundreds of hours a year on the road. Each year, thousands of people are killed or injured in car accidents, and one of the leading causes of accidents is distracted driving. While awareness is being raised due to the recent trend of “no texting and driving” commercials, many fail to realize what constitutes a distraction, and what doesn't. Here are five ways to eliminate distractions while driving.


Take care of Trivialities

When you get in the car, plug in your phone, change the temperature, air conditioning, set the radio station where you like it, and adjust the mirrors – all before pulling onto the road. This takes care of necessary tasks without taking your attention away from the road and putting yourself and others at risk. Find anything you might need while you drive, like a water bottle or directions and put them in a secure place you can reach easily.


Secure Pets

Many people travel with pets, and that's fine – but make sure they are restrained. Pets running free in the car can distract other drivers and yourself. If your pet were to jump into the front seat, or make your arms jerk, you could cause an accident. Make sure they are in their carriers in the back of the car before you set off, and ensure that they can't escape.


Keep Your Vehicle Clean

Items rolling around the driver's side floorboard can be distracting and cause an accident. If a bottle rolls under the break, you might not be able to depress it far enough to stop the car. However, leaning to pick it up takes your eyes from the road, and can also cause an accident. By keeping the vehicle relatively clean, you eliminate a large source of distraction while making driving more pleasant.


Stop Texting

Not only are your texts riddled with errors, but you can't focus on the road when you're trying to reply to Jill about her new boyfriend and their drama. Put the phone away and pay attention to the highway. Your social life can wait until you get home. Texting at a stop light is equally unacceptable – you hold up traffic when you don't notice the light change. If it is an emergency that requires immediate reply, pull over.


Know Where You Are Headed

Or at the very least, don't fiddle with a GPS while on the road. Enter all the information beforehand, and follow its directions, and if using a map, pull over far enough that you are safely out of the way before consulting it.


Should an accident occur because of distracted driving, you will need to contact Chino law and possibly the police. Minimizing distractions in the car is largely a matter of prevention – by handling anything that might arise before reaching the road, you remove risk not only to yourself, but to those around you. Traveling safely is a responsibility that everyone must take, and these five tips will help to remove distractions before they arise.

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