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Car tips & advice | 15.10.2013 - 21:19

Teen Driver on the Road: 6 Must Know Traffic Rules to Teach

This Article helps give some guidelines for new drivers on the road.
Teen Driver
Image of teen driver

Parents have so many obligations to their kids, but teaching them how to drive may be the scariest. It’s one thing to think about your kid doing something stupid at school, but knowing that they are now behind the wheel of a car and a real danger can be heart-stopping. Luckily, most teenagers will take instruction, or mimic your behavior as you drive. However, to reduce the potential for accidents in the first few years, before visiting a honda or kia dealership, nyc experts recommend teaching and reviewing the basic rules of the road.


Keep Them Safe When They’re Not Around

It may seem like an impossible task, but planning to instill good driving habits is not that hard. Most states will put down their own permit restrictions that you can drum into their heads to follow. Make sure they know that not only will they be disobeying you, but also subject to legal action if they get caught doing something foolish. Then, lay out the rules as follows:


Adult in the Car

Permits usually limit driving experiences to teenagers who have an adult in the car with them at all times. This helps to make sure they behave. It also helps to teach them good driving behavior.


No Text or Calls

Distraction can kill. Teach your teenager that texting can wait until they’re stopped somewhere. Some states will have laws against using the cell or not, but even a hands free set is too much for a teenager learning to drive.


No Drinking and Driving

Illegal in most states and even more so for an under-aged teenager. Make sure they know the penalties for these offenses.



States can impose curfews on new drivers. It is much harder to drive at night than during the day. Make sure to know the rules and enforce them.


Seat Limitations

Teenagers are notorious for packing in too many friends and then the chatter and party atmosphere causes an accident. Make sure you know how many kids are traveling to an event and how many cars are going. Enforce the limit.


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