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Car news | 31.10.2012 - 15:51

2013 Mini Paceman

Mini will never stop to surprise us. Now it is time to welcome its new model, the Mini Paceman.

It’s hard sometimes when it comes to write about Mini Cooper. After all, one can talk about its longstanding and celebrated history for pages and pages. Or, he can talk about its projected future that on the hands of BMW since a while now, looks always bright. In addition, one can discuss all of these issues without feeling that he is taking any risk; when it comes to Mini Cooper you know exactly what the case is. Simply because the people that work for Mini have proved, and continue to prove, that they know what they’re doing. They know precisely.

The Mini Paceman is the brand’s latest introduction on the field of the – always demanding - automotive market. In order for a company to shine on the automotive market one thing is for sure: you need to do everything fast. The competition is tremendous, the speed of the changes unmatched to many other fields of the global production market. Selling a new car means that you need to take everything into consideration; your own realistic goals, the consumer’s demands and preferences, the constant rhythm of the changes of these preferences, not to mention that you have to been in accordance with the times we live in. Lately, the global economical scene seems to be constantly checked by the insisting, and severe at some cases, economic crisis after all. Only recently the Japanese Honda brand announced a 40% drop on its sales for reasons that are well connected with recent political developments.

A small hatchback car by MINI can only mean success though. Since the brand was taken over by BMW, a new generation of cars conquered the market and seduced, once again in history, the customers. The 2013 Mini Paceman comes after a number of six new models were introduced during the last years; namely, the original Cooper hatchback, the Convertible, the Clubman, the Countryman, the Coupe and the Roadster. What exactly Mini Cooper wants to tell us with its brand new model?

Mini’s Paceman is of sport attitude and mentality; it hits the road the way its ancestors back in the days of the 60’s couldn’t do it, simply because half a century has passed by then! The company calls it a “Sports Activity Coupe” and they have every right to do so. The Paceman is based on the four-door Countryman model. It is its three-door-hatch version with a more athletic style. It is lower than its little brother the Countryman and that is certainly something appealing to the Mini fanatic and to the wider audience that has identified the Mini with a cute, small size. At some point in the future a John Cooper edition will follow. The Paceman’s price would be somewhere around £18.000 and £19.000; a price that it doesn’t sound too high for a brand as strong and popular as Mini is. A safe choice always makes your money valuable after all; you pay for what you know it’s worth it!

MINI's new cars for 2013 could be more that simply the Paceman. Nevertheless, with the Paceman Mini surely takes the right first step. The plans of the company can only be bigger; BMW’s magic touch, which of course means the introduction of the Mini into a new era, has proven even to the more suspicious that Mini is without a doubt a big player of the automotive market. To build a relationship of trust with the customers, and car aficionados are certainly a demanding group, is something that usually can take years. Mini wasn’t born yesterday though just as BMW doesn’t really have to prove anything to anyone; it is widely considered as one of the giants of the car market.

One would argue that it is the British style and elegance combined with the German spirit of efficiency and practicality that offer the customers the assurance they need in order to feel confident about their choice. In my humble opinion, this is a quite reasonable assumption! We shouldn’t forget after all that buying your car is definitely not a choice which you can simply regret the next morning unless if your last name is Hilton! Therefore, Mini’s brand name is a guarantee, the guarantee a potential buyer needs. Mini’s continuous effort to bring out new models to the market, to try out new things and to offer new approaches, demonstrates the company’s will to be a protagonist on the field.

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