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Auto sport | 31.10.2012 - 00:03

Rally Group B

The greatest rally group ever known as "Rally Group B" was banned after three tragic crash accidents. Group B rally cars were real monsters powered with strong engines and light body.
Rally Group B
Group B Rally Cars.

Back in the 1982 FIA was introduced world with one of the greatest rally organization of all time, the only and the greatest "Rally Group B". It was rally car competition for the fastest, most powerful, turbo charged rally cars that world never seen before.

I like to call this group "Turbo Rally Group B", unfortunately this group is banned just four years later in 1986 (previously known as Group 4).

The reasons why group B was banned are tragic accidents:

1. Henri Toivonen (Lancia S4) - die in crash accident in 1986, Tour de Corse Corsica
2. Attilio Bettega (Lancia 037) - die in crash ccident in 1985, Tour de Corse Corsica
3. Joaquim Santos (Ford RS200) accident in 1986, Rally de Portugal

(while Joaquim Santos trying to avoid spectators on the road, crashing into a "human wall" of spectators, killing three and injuring over thirty) - wikipedia source.

Rally Group B Cars

Lancia 037, test drive (a.k.a. rally, centrally mounted engine, rear wheel drive)
Lancia S4 (4x4, centrally mounted engine)
Peugeot 205 T16 (4x4, centrally mounted engine)
Audi Quattro (the father of them all 4x4, front mounted engine)
MG Metro 6R4 (4x4, centrally mounted engine)
Porsche 959 (4x4, rear mounted engine)
Renault 5 Turbo (centrally mounted engine, rear wheel drive)
Ford RS200 (4x4, centrally mounted engine)
Ferrari 288 GTO (rear wheel drive, centrally mounted engine, never raced)

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