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Car tips & advice | 30.09.2013 - 08:54

Reasons to get fired up about the Porsche 911 – its turning 50!

Porsche 911 has been an acclaimed sports car benchmark venerated by drivers from all over the world. Have a look on its marketplace, technology and latest edition at this article.
Porsche 911

Did you have the chance to drive a Porsche 911? The thrill of getting behind that wheel and pressing the throttle will give you the goose bumps. This year you have an extra reason to get fired up because the 911 has just turned 50. The car has been an acclaimed sports car benchmark venerated by drivers from all over the world. Initially created to be a race car, Porsche 911 was an instant success and a recognizable vehicle like no other on the market. Released in 1963, the car was produced on over 800,000 models and it is without a doubt the company’s identity.

Porsche 911 – a fierce competitor in the automotive marketplace

Since its initiation, Porsche 911 had enclosed a perfect combination of performance and engineering precision with daily practicality and realism. The winning formula seemed quite appealing to driving aficionados quickly establishing the 911 as a milestone in the automotive industry around the world. Today, Porsche keeps on pushing the limit of what can be achieved for the 911 model. Driven by ideals, strong tradition, and valued, the company depends on advanced technology and innovation to create astounding sports vehicles and maintain a world-class business.

In a recent interview with SAP, executive director of Porsche, Bernhard Maier, said that competing on global race tracks can only end with a win if you’re innovative enough to create something incredible. He added that Porsche managed to sell over 28,000 models of the 911 model in 50 years of existence, and that’s one hell of a victory.

The inspiration philosophy of Porsche to attain maximum production from minimum efforts saturates the organization. The principle of ‘smart performance’ combined with less consumption relates to each and every process in the Porsche Company. Yet, with over 70 affiliates and an international presence, Porsche faces unique challenges when it comes to balancing the IT domain.

Porsche depends on advanced technology

Without efficient and fast business processes, Porsche can’t make fast cars. To make sure that the supply logistics and manufacturing run well, the company uses the SAP SCM and ERP applications. Logistics needs to work just-in-sequence and just-in-time, and all workers must struggle to get everything right at the best time. SAP can lay the foundation for that performance peak.

Porsche is additionally focused on customer service. They want to provide great support on both expert and personal levels. Every Porsche car is unique, and each model poses a test to the systems and processes. When SAP is set in place, the company is more flexible and efficient thanks to the advanced technology provided.

An added advantage is that clients can change their car’s specifications up the manufacturing point, and that gives Porsche an edge on the competition. An increased level of attention and personal touch between the customer and the company doesn’t end when the driver leaves the assemble line. The manufacturers are interested in providing assistance all the way through.

Thanks to SAP and its supporting philosophy behind every Porsche 911 model, the company will probably score great sales for another half century. To make the whole celebration sweeter, Porsche has teamed up with famous chocolate manufacturer Ferrero; together, they placed 911 toys inside premium Kinder Surprise eggs all across Europe. Isn’t that fabulous or what?

A closer look at the Porsche 911, 2013 – the 50th anniversary edition

The 50th anniversary edition of the 911 might recall the early days of the first model, yet it’s packed with modern additions. The car has a Sports Chrono package included, a sport exhaust system, and bi-xenon headlights. The car additionally has a 7-speed manual transmission, as well as an automatic 7-speed dual-clutch PDK.

The 911’s wider back track imbues the model with imposing dynamics; Porsche additionally claims the birthday goodie won’t come cheap. Starting prices for a Porsche 911, 50th Anniversary Edition are roughly $120,000. From a cosmetic point of view, the model is similar to the Club Coupe edition from 2012. It features 20-inch wheels paired nicely with a subtle chrome trim included in the front intakes, and rear deck louvers. There will be 3 colors available: black monochrome, graphite gray, and a special eggshell shade that Porsche calls Geyser Gray.


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