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Review | 25.09.2013 - 18:16

Compact Power - A Review Of The A1 1.4 TFSI With CoD

The A1 1.4 TFSI CoD is a modern car with a petrol engine that is turbocharged and boasts a cylinder cut-off system for extra fuel economy.
Audi A1 1.4 TFSI with CoD
The system works by cutting off two of the cylinders when the car is cruising, meaning that you cruise on just two cylinders instead of four. This means that the engine is powerful enough to get from 0-60 in 8 seconds, but offers an astounding fuel economy of just over 60mpg. 
This beautiful car offers drivers the best of both worlds, providing both speed and economy in a stylish package. What's more, it's a family-friendly vehicle, and is offered at a truly wallet-friendly price.
Dual cylinder cut-off systems are nothing new for Audis, they have been available on bigger models of their cars, such as the S8, for a long time. Few people expected them to be available so quickly on the A1, however. The car's engine is a 104PS adaptation of the FTSI 1.4 litre powerplant, but it has had some tweaks made to the camshaft. This means that the second and third cylinders are shifted to a different cam profile when the car is under low load, and when it is coasting. You can have this shift occur anywhere between 1400RPM and 4000RPM, and the change is seamless. As soon as you apply the brake or the throttle the engine will go back to using all four cylinders. As a driver, you should not even notice the shift. The car's display will indicate to you how many cylinders you are using, and the engine will make a slightly different sound, but for handling you should not experience any noticeable difference. You get to enjoy power, speed and fuel economy in one attractive package.
The modern engine technology is the only thing that is really different about this A1. The rest of the design is fairly conventional. The underpinnings are reminiscent of the Volkswagen Polo, and the weight distribution of the vehicle is fairly standard too. The car has a nice Electronic Stability Programme, which makes the car quite easy and safe to drive. Even if you like to drive quite hard, the car will always have your back and respond in a faithful and standard, predictable fashion. If you're used to sporty hatchbacks, you might feel like this doesn't give you enough feedback, but this is more than capable of holding its own on a twisty road against a typical hot hatch.
There are three door and five door versions of this A1. The three door has a much nicer silhouette, but even the five door is quite stylish and sporty. It is very, very slightly taller and wider in the five door version, and the bigger version offers a tiny bit more headroom, but the difference is measured in millimetres, so is note noticeable in day-to-day use. The main difference is that there is a spot for a third passenger in the rear, although as you might expect this can be quite a tight squeeze if you attempt to fit three adults in there. The luggage capacity is almost the same in both versions, taking 270 litres if the seats are up, or 920 if they are folded.
The cabin of the car is fairly typical. The dash is maturely decorated - you won't see any garish images or giant speedometers in this car. Audi wants to give drivers sophistication, not a boy-racer feel. This means that everything is clean and consistent. That's not to say that it's not luxurious, but it is sedate. There are some small compromises, but they are not noticeable. The interior is soft to the touch, sophisticated, and attractive enough to make you feel good about driving this caring this car.
You probably won't turn heads driving the A1, but you will enjoy a quiet drive, and pay less for your fuel. You'll also find that the car comes iwth everything you need. There are two front airbags, side-mounted airbags, and even curtain head bags for extra safety. The car comes with seatbelt tensioners,  Isofix child seat fixings, and even integral headrests. Optionally, you can upgrade to xenon headlights which use LED technology. There is also the option for rain and light sensors, navigation systems, and even a Bose surround-sound system with a grand total of 14 speakers. If you really love luxurious systems, you can add air conditioning (manual or automatic), and heated front seats.
Perhaps the most interesting optional extra is the Bluetooth phone. This offers the Audi connect features, including news and weather updates, travel information, images from Google Earth, Internet radio, and the ability to use the voice control system to search for points of interest. There are plans to update the system to include Google Street View at a later date. The most popular feature of this, however, is the option to allow other devices in the car to connect to the phone's WLAN hotspot.
Of course, if you're not a gadget lover you'll be more interested in the car's fuel economy. You can get up to 60MPG from this car if you make use of the CoD system. The improved fuel economy means lower emissions, and it's hard to complain about that when you're getting so much power out of the car. 
This Audi A1 1.4 TFSI with the CoD system is a truly awesome car that offers improvements in every area that counts. If any vehicle deserves a 5 star review, it's this. When you need it, you get plenty of power, and when you're cruising, you get fuel economy. What's not to like?
Few people enjoy downsizing their car, but it's hard to think of swapping to the Audi as downsizing. This is more than just a little runabout, it's a compact, powerful and sophisticated car. 
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