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Car news | 20.10.2012 - 18:55

New 2013 Smart Microcar

You need urban car? Choice between coupe and cabriolet. Smart produce the greatest micro-cars, they are not only micro they are powerful too, especially if you pick Brabus model!
Smart Microcar

The 2013 Smart Car, while different from all other Smart Cars, displays only cosmetic differences rather than performance differences.  The Smart ForTwo comes in two different types: the coupe and the cabriolet.  Both cars come in different equipment lines: the pulse, passion, and BRABUS.  These cars have kept their slightly masculine appearance yet all design lines are renewed in fine form.  Both the coupe and the cabriolet have been designed with daily life in min; these cars are sleek, efficient and environmentally friendly.

The passion model of both the Coupe and the Cabriolet is the upscale version of the pulse.  Retailing for about $3,000 more at the base price, the passion has a sunroof, heated mirrors and your choice of upholstery.  The passion and the pure both have upgrades possible but at the base performance of the car there is the 70hp inline gas engine.  The engine in these cars is extremely compact and is made completely out of aluminum making it very light.  All of the features, body panels and the grille of the car have been made a bit more substantial giving the car much more substance and more of a virile appearance. 

The BRABUS version of the Smart Car is the top of the line.  It comes standard with most things that are upgraded of the pure and the passion yet it has features that can be added to it to make it the Smart Car that actually has everything.  Since Smart Cars haven’t seen the sales and popularity wanted in North America, there is no option for a bigger engine but the stock engine in these cars performs better than you’d expect with low fuel consumption and low fuel emissions.  However, as of right now, this version of the Smart Car is only available in Europe.

The Cabriolet Smart ForTwo comes in only the passion and the BRABUS models but the packages and add-ons are the same as the Coupe model.  This model was designed for maximum comfort and safety.  This model also has the same engine as the Coupe.  Though the engine is 70 hp and inline, it still yields very impressive technical features.  This car was intended as an electrical car from the beginning and it has become more efficient, comfortable and given a better performance.  The mobility and urban-ness that these cars offer is a distinct part of our world today and answers some of the problems that urbanites face.  By owning a Smart Car, you show your dedication to the planet, and you are joining a global movement of environmental stewardship.

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