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Car tips & advice | 04.09.2013 - 22:55

Protect Your Car-Five Must-know Safety Tips Every Car Owner Needs to Know

5 Useful tips on how to keep your car from being burglarized
Protect Your Car
5 tips every car owner should know

Having your car stolen is a stressful and frightening experience. Taking safety precautions can greatly lower your risk of becoming a victim of car theft. Protect yourself and your property by learning about these five safety tips.

Keep your doors and windows locked

The worst mistake of a car owner is making it easy for a thief to steal your vehicle. Car owners should keep their doors and windows locked at all times. Take the time to secure your car even if you only plan to be gone for a few minutes.

Don’t keep personal items in plain sight

Keeping personal items in your car attracts unwanted attention to your vehicle. A thief won’t hesitate to break your car window to steal inexpensive items. Car owners should also invest in stereo systems that have a detached face plate to take with them when they are not driving their vehicle.

Park in a secure area

Parking in a secure area will prevent your vehicle from being stolen when you are away from your car. Car owners are less likely to have their vehicle stolen from their garage than if they parked it in the driveway. An expert said, “it is important to keep your garage secure as it not only houses your vehicles and other valuables but it usually is an access point to the rest of your house.” It is a wise investment to instal sensors in your garage to alert car owners when a thief has entered their garage.

Never leave your keys in the car

Leaving your keys in the car is an open invitation for a thief to steal your vehicle. Hiding spare keys in your car is also a mistake because most thieves know where to look. Keeping keys in your car will also give thieves access to your home if you keep all your keys on the same ring.

Install an alarm system

Installing an alarm system in your car is a great way to protect your vehicle. The last thing a thief wants to do is attract attention to their crime. They will most likely run away when they a car alarm go off.


Car owners should be proactive to protect their vehicle from theft. Parking in secure areas and keeping your car locked makes it more difficult for thieves to steal your vehicle. Installing an alarm system in your car protects your vehicle at all times. There are some alarms that have a pager system on the key chain with a very far range that will alert you if a window has been broke or a door opened.


Taken these precautions will not ensure that you will not have your car stolen or vandalized, but it will greatly increase your odds of detering the crime by making your vehicle less enticing to steal. Lets face it, criminals are lazy, thats why they steal. So making more work for them to get your valuables is going to entice them to move on to a more vulnerable car. Take these tips to help keep your car secure so you dont walk out in the morning to find your car vandalized or worse, stolen!

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