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Car tips & advice | 26.08.2013 - 19:47

5 Top Fuel Efficient SUVs in 2013

Not all SUVs are gas-guzzlers! Check out the top 5 fuel efficient SUVs from 2013!
Check out the fuel efficient 2013 BMW X1!

While sport utility vehicles are one of the most popular classes of vehicle, spiking gas prices have become a deterrent for many would-be SUV owners. People are often forced into looking at smaller, less spacious vehicles in an effort to cut back on monthly gas expenditures.


Luckily for SUV enthusiasts, 2013 saw the release of numerous SUV models that make fuel efficiency a priority. These mid-sized SUVs and crossovers feature fuel economy that rivals many sedans without sacrificing too much size or space. This line of vehicles makes it possible for SUV lovers to find the space and durability that they enjoy without suffering through poor gas mileage. Below is a list of some of the top fuel efficient SUVs that entered the market this year.


Toyota RAV4


Kelley Blue Book cited 2013’s edition of the RAV4 among its list of the most fuel efficient SUVs that are currently on the market. In terms of its fuel economy, the new RAV4 weighs in at 31 miles per gallon. This performance makes the RAV4 competitive with the other crossovers that came out in 2013.


Aside from its fuel efficiency, the RAV4 features the same highly rated interior and sporty look that has become associated with Toyota’s smallest SUV. This SUV also rated well in terms of its drivability, making it a fun and efficient vehicle. In combination with its spaciousness, these characteristics make the new RAV4 one of the top crossovers available today.




Another vehicle that was featured by Kelly Blue Book is the 2013 BMW X1. The X1 boasts the second-best fuel efficiency in its class with a whopping 34 miles to the gallon.


This SUV also blew away many of its competitors with its excellent handling. This handling was reflected during performance testing as the X1 received the highest driving dynamics rating among the vehicles reviewed by Kelly Blue Book.


While it is certainly one of the more expensive models on this list, the X1 still features the aforementioned fuel efficiency that can help you save money down the road. The X1 presents itself as a very comfortable and classy vehicle that won’t break the bank with gas consumption.


Nissan JUKE


As indicated by its name, the JUKE is an extremely responsive and sporty SUV. As one of the smallest cars on this list with a powerful engine turbocharged engine, the JUKE is equal parts function and fun. Its sleek design and rounded features give the JUKE an aerodynamic and modern look. While the JUKE comes with a two-door coupe design, it features rear-folding seats that allow you to carry four passengers or to increase your trunk space.


With an extremely impressive 32 miles per gallon, the JUKE is one of most fuel-efficient SUVs that came out in 2013. Despite its speedy nature, the JUKE is also an extremely safe vehicle as it put up high ratings during safety testing. Whether you are seeking practicality or performance, the Nissan JUKE offers an appealing version of both.


Toyota Highlander


Consumer Reports included the Toyota Highlander on its list of the most fuel efficient SUVs. The 2013 edition of the Highlander is one of the most spacious vehicles on this list with its third row seating. With the ability to fold the roomy second row seats, the Toyota offers freedom and flexibility in terms of cabin space. Despite this size, the Highlander does not sacrifice fuel economy as it averages 27 miles per gallon.


This great fuel economy stems from the 3.5-liter V-6 engine that is featured on the hybrid model of the Highlander. In addition to its spaciousness and good gas mileage, the Highlander offers solid handling and driving performance.

Lexus RX


The 2013 Lexus RX weighs in as one of the best fuel-efficient SUVs available. While it may get fewer miles per gallon than some of its competitors, the RX tops the charts in multiple other categories. The RX offers a combination of excellent drivability and a luxurious interior.


As a mid-sized SUV, the RX is much larger than most of the crossovers on the market. Whether you need to cart your kids to soccer practice, move some materials from work or transport your Xtrema cookware, this SUV offers ample space to suit your needs. Its combination of size, luxury and fuel-efficiency makes it a strong candidate for the top SUV on the market.


Regardless of your preferences in terms of SUVs, 2013 offers a variety of luxury vehicles to suit your needs. Check into some of the aforementioned vehicles listed above in order to find the perfect luxury SUV for you.


Photo credit: MSVG

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