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03.08.2020 - 11:31

How to find good review about car or another things

In this article you can read about good reviews!

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UNDAUNTED by Christine Caine: I love Christine Caine, when I say I love her I mean she is my most favorite (is that grammatically correct?) speaker, preacher, teacher today! I had the honor of hearing her preach recently and purchased her first book Undaunted. I love reading about her story, but to be honest she doesn’t write like she speaks. I feel like I’m trudging through the book only because I love her so much and want to read her story. Yet, it has left a little to be desired 

The Core by Leigh Bortins: This is a book from the library and I recently began reading it because we decided to enroll my daughter in Classical Conversations. So far I am really enjoying it and have enjoyed learning more about the classical model of education.

Satisfy My Thirsty Soul by Linda Dillow: Along with Bait of Satan, this book is a required read for me with a ministry I serve. I have already read the book three times! Yet, this is one book that the principles and stories contained within could be read and digested over and over again. Linda writes beautifully about having a heart of worship and really encourages women to worship with all their heart, mind and soul.

Teaching from Rest by Sarah Mackenzie: I finished this book just a few weeks ago and am reading it again since I am leading a homeschool book club with a dear friend starting in January. This book is life changing, really! Sarah Mackenzie was tired of operating her home and her homeschool with stress and anxiety and set out to find what God’s word says about Rest. She shares her journey and what she learned and it has greatly encouraged and compelled me to seek God’s peace within my home and homeschool each and every day.


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