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Car tips & advice | 14.08.2013 - 11:25

4 Top Ideas to Stay Safe on the Road

It seems as if young people in their thirties and forties are putting much less worth on possessing a car and far more worth on having technical gizmos.
Stay Safe on the Road

Nevertheless, you will find two sides to each debate, and many are disagreeing saying that this just isn't the situation, regardless stats demonstrate a decrease in the total of younger individuals getting drivers’ licenses and purchasing vehicles.

Irrespective of whether or not you have a car or even ride a bike to your workplace, it is necessary to be aware of regulations on the road and methods so you and others remain safe when travelling on significantly overloaded roads.

Always Signal prior to moving between lanes.

There are certainly still individuals whom neglect to do that prior to changing from lane to lane. Ensure you stay aware of other people close to you, and indicate to any other drivers the spot where you intend to go prior to manoeuvring. A little something as fundamental as switch on your indicator can avoid a major accident.

Always operate your windscreen wipers and headlights whenever it is raining.

Anytime it's raining, it is necessary to use on your headlamps in addition to your windscreen wipers. This is a safe practice for you personally as well as for other motorists given that it improves your visibility to observe where you're heading and who is about you.

Always maintain sufficient braking distance in between you and other motorists.

Very often, collisions originate from individuals who are driving too close to other vehicles whilst travelling. Whenever you are actually driving your motor vehicle on a neighbourhood street, allow no less than one whole car distance between you and the next vehicle in front of your car. Whenever you’re on the open road, increase this space to a minimum 2 to 3 car lengths. Always keep in your thoughts that the quicker you may be driving your car, the more space you’ll want between vehicles so that you can brake and bring your car to a complete stop in the case of a complete traffic stand-still.

Never text while driving.

As enticing as it would be to take a look your mobile phone for text messages, missed calls and emails, always keep your phone hidden away and switched to a silent setting whilst driving your car. You should never be on your mobile phone at all whenever driving simply because it distracts your focus away from the environment and road conditions.

Author Bio: Mark is a car enthusiast with a passion for old, new, fast and slow! Whether it’s private, commercial, car, buggy or van? If it comes on four wheels it rocks! Currently working in Citroen Tyres Swansea he loves the opportunities to work with a variety of vehicles – old and new!

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