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Car news | 17.10.2012 - 19:34

Subaru Impreza Sport Limited 2.0i

If you are looking for great car for whole familly Subaru Impreza Sport Limited 2.0i is great choice for you. Read more below about this great vehicle.
Subaru Impreza Sport Limited

Are you looking for car that would give you full pleasure and comfort? Then you should choose Subaru Impreza Sport Limited 2. 0i. It is a perfect choice for you.  When you are going to longer trips, you need a car that can be truest, and  believe me that's Subaru Impreza Sport Limited 2. 0i. Unlike the older model of this car, Subaru has some advantages such as longer wheelbase, complete redesigned door panels, bigger trunk room and incredible five door cargo room. Except that there are more changes in from of the vehicle such as A-pillar who is moved 8 inches forward that allow front a door to open easier. When I was trying this car, it was very bad time, and it handles everything without any problems. 

Subaru Impreza Sport Limized 2.0.i is fantastic car and I don't know how to describe it with right words, but I'll try it. Whole wehicle is features by soft-touch materials with door trip, dashboard and armrest. It has multi function display with remote,security, and navigation system. GPS has touch screen LCD display and voice control. You have preinstalled navigation but in car service you can change it for some well known GPS systems such as Tom Tom, Garmin, iGo etc.  From other options you have heated seats and exterior mirrors. 

This car has some advantages and dismisses. Engine 2.0 with 148 horsepower we can't  say that it's dismiss because  with less power, we will spend less fuel right? With this car, you'll spend 10. 6L per 100km to 8.4  and 7 to 6  while you are driving at highway. When we calculate it; we get about 10L/100 km per week. It's not too much if you are driving this "beast" everywhere. The great feature of Subaru Impreza Sport Limited  2. 0i is AWD. It distributes engine torque between wheels, and it's one of the best systems that you can find with Impreza. If you are buying this car, I would recommend you to look for one with five-speed manual. With this move, you'll achieve great fuel economy. 

This vehicle is offered in different types such as Base, Premium, Sport Premium, Limited and Sport limited models. Base model is a classic car with four door and five-speed manual transmission. You can get this car for 17,500 $. For other models, you should contact manufacturer directly because you can choose what do you want from equipment for specific model of Subaru Impreza. If you don't like these Subaru models, you can check other great car reviews at this site and find perfect one suitable for you. I would recommend this model because of big advantage of AWD system which I describe above, and great solution for rear room. So don't wait and order your Subaru Impreza Sport Limited 2.0i, believe me you'll not regret. For the end watch this short review about Subaru Impreza Sport Limited 2.0i, you'll like it.

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