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Buying a car | 17.10.2012 - 15:57

Best American Car To Buy in 2012

What you thing about buying the best American car? What is the best buy American car in 2012?
Cadillac CTS

As an American car enthusiast, you're always on the look out for the best American cars to buy in 2012. It's only natural. You have a dire passion for cars and you want the best car currently on the market. Whether it's to let you show off to your friends, or to simply let you drive in style, having the highest rated and best reviewed car on the market is more than a status symbol. You'll be able to drive quickly, you'll be able to conquer the Winter months and you may even be able to race at your local race track. During August, Total Car Score evaluated each and every American car produced in 2012 and evaluated all of them based on a wide variety of factors. Their results reflect the strength and quality of the American domestic auto industry. They covered every possible category, from luxury sedans to SUV's. At the end of the evaluation process, they came up with the following scores:

10. Chrysler 300 SRT-8 – Total Car Score: 82.59

9. Cadillac SRX — Total Car Score: 83.01

8. Ford Taurus SHO — Total Car Score: 83.22

7. Chrysler 300 — Total Car Score: 83.29

6. Cadillac CTS-V — Total Car Score: 83.65

5. GMC Acadia — Total Car Score: 84.18

4. Ford Flex — Total Car Score: 84.44

3. Chevrolet Traverse – Total Car Score: 84.87

2. Buick LaCrosse — Total Car Score: 85.01

1. Cadillac CTS — Total Car Score: 86.49

So, as you can see, according to Total Car Score, they believe that the Cadillac CTS is the best American car of 2012. Brauer, their CEO, commented that each car underwent rigorous testing and was tested based on multiple factors. They suggested that the best American car has to a balanced car. Whether it's for a large family, or a sports car enthusiast, attributing "American's Best Car" to one specific car can't be done easily. The cars need to be safe to drive, they have to be affordable and provide good value, they need to be high on performance and have good overall fuel efficiency. At the end of the day, you aren't going to get a car which tops out at 200 mph and has good levels of fuel efficiency. The results above are their findings after evaluating the cars on all of the above points.

What's interesting with the results, is that General Motors managed to capture six of the top ten spots. The Buick, Chevrolet, GMC and three Cadillac models all managed to make an appearance on the list. Ford's Taurus SHO and Flex repesent the Blue Oval's best, while the two versions of Chrysler's venerable 300 sedan continues to appeal to a wide audience.

It's also worth mentioning that the Ford Focus 2012 was really close to making the list. In fact, it fell less than half a point behind the 300 SRT8. So, while there may not currently be in compact domestic models on the list, it doesn't mean they don't offer great value and shouldn't be considered great cars. The scoring system is based on one comprehensive number which was assigned to each vehicle. This number represents the overall industry assessment from several different major automotive authorities. All of vehicles listed were produced and manufactured in 2012, and had at least five source ratings, which ultimately decided the total overall score.

As you can probably expect though, choosing America's Best Car for 2012 is a difficult task. Although the Cadillac CTS has been deemed the best car of the year, it simply isn't affordable for some families. So, rather than taking the list as the authoritativeness decider, it's always best to stick to your personal feelings. Perhaps you enjoy mini-cars more and they will always be at center of your heart. That's fine too.

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