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Review | 08.08.2013 - 13:43

Mercedes Vito Dualiner: Flexibility With a Twist of Style and Versatility

Mercedes Vito Dualiner sports unique style. It is a vehicle of great versatility and flexibility.
Mercedes Dualiner
The Mercedes Vito Dualiner provides you with versatility,reliability,and style for office on-the-go.
Flexibility in a vehicle helps you to get the job done in a timely fashion and with great success no matter what the load you are carrying.  Whether it’s passengers or equipment and materials for a client, you want a reliable vehicle that can meet and exceed your expectations.  

With an interior designed to accommodate a variety of hauling needs, a Vito Dualiner can provide you with the individual specifications that you have for taking your next load around town.  You’ll find this new face of versatility carries the name and tradition of Mercedes-Benz in style and sophistication for any job that you have to do.


Change is Good


From nine passenger seats to a roomy interior with fold-down anchoring lugs to secure your load of materials and equipment, you can change the interior of your Vito to accommodate whatever need that you have.  Your standard equipment will please even the most discriminating driver and the options that you have available can enhance your driving routines and make your work a great deal easier.  

From a parking and manoeuvring aid to an APS navigation system that can integrate the functions of your radio, CD player, and telephone you’ll find the appointments in this luxury van to make your every day work schedule comfortable and reliable.  This is your office on-the-go so you’ll want to have all of the bells and whistles that can make your work a joy every day.

Confidence on the Road


Whether you’re transporting people or products, you’ll require a reliable vehicle that lets you perform your work with confidence and provides you with peace of mind.  You’ll want comfort suspension so that you can enjoy the ride as you go about your daily tasks; the Vito will perform up to the quality that you expect and will have the dynamism and agility that you’ll need as your travel in varying types of weather.  

Because of the challenging economy in today’s market, you’ll want economic and low-maintenance operation, exception mileage for your petrol, and reliability that allows you to be on time every time.

Safety is a Must

Your Mercedes Vito Dualiner will provide you with driver assistance systems that enhance the safety of your vehicle.  From the stability program to the disc brakes to exterior mirrors that offer you a wide field of vision, the engineers at Mercedes thought of every measure of safety that they could include for your convenience.  The seat belts, air bags, and well-constructed body of the Vito all combine to provide you with a safe vehicle in which to perform your duties and carry passengers and materials with confidence.  Your new vehicle will be appointed with high-quality fabric that is designed for heavy duty use and durability under all conditions.  

You’ll find that it’s easy to maintain and adds to the elegant appearance of your mobile work station. For a reliable and efficient vehicle that can help make your job more comfortable and safer, consider the Dualiner for the next addition to your work force fleet.

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