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03.07.2020 - 14:25

Why Your Old Car is Still Profitable

Those who have an old and idle car think that there is nothing they can do for the car rather than tossing it up in the landfills or breaking it down for selling

Those who have an old and idle car think that there is nothing they can do for the car rather than tossing it up in the landfills or breaking it down for selling its parts. However, there is more to an old car than just shattering it to metal pieces. Some ways can make money for you from the old car that is lying in your garage for ages. If you too have an old car and if you are interested in doing something interesting with your car, you are welcome here. Read on to know why your old car is still profitable.

  • Automotive Advertisement

There are simple ways to deal with a dead car-like hand it over to a Car Removal Service and then comes these weird and interesting ways to earn from a dead car. What we see in today’s scenario is that we have so many sponsors and so less space to advertise their product. A city has limited space and all the signage and billboards are occupied. In this case, if you offer your dead car as a permanent automotive ad poster, then you can earn money for offering space for advertising. The marketing experts deem these innovative ways as groundbreaking ideas to attract the attention of the audience. 

  • Campervan Café

If you have a campervan or a recreational vehicle (RV) in the name of a dead car, then the opportunities for you are infinite. There are so many food trucks and campervan ice-cream stalls in your city that you can get overwhelmed. But here is a more innovative way of dealing with a dead campervan, you can make it a coffee shop. Sounds crazy to make it a café and not sell cars for cash for in Auckland, well, crazy is the new interesting! Youngsters find it cool to check out innovative cafes and yours can be the heights of innovation. All you will have to do is to clean the RV and remove the unnecessary accessories, and your café is ready for some visitors.

  • Spare Collection

If you don’t want to experiment with these bold ideas, rest assured, there are simpler ways to deal with a dead car, too. You can contact a spare parts collector or parts picker over your place. These guys are always in search of all types of spares. Based on the condition and demand of your car’s spares, these collectors will quote a price for all the spares in the car. If you find the quote reasonable, then they will extract all the spares and you will be left with an empty metal box.

You can sell the remnants of your car to car wreckers or metal furnace owners who can give you a reward that equals the weight of the metal.

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