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Car tips & advice | 05.08.2013 - 17:53

Help finding the right MOT Centre

Finding the right MOT test centre can be a nightmare, here are some tips and things to consider when getting your vehicle tested.
MOT Tester
Car getting MOT Tested.

Finding a good MOT test centre can be a bit of a nightmare. There is a lot of them about and they all seem to offer a fantastic service at great value for money but how many actually stick to what they preach. The quickest way to work out whether an MOT centre is to talk to the people that work there, If they come across evasive and give blunt answers then they're more likely to let you down.

A pain it may be but it is important to find an MOT centre that does provide a quality service. This service is not only a legal requirement but gives the owner peace of mind that the vehicle is safe to drive in an environment where motoring is central part of life.

Something that a lot of people don't consider is watching the MOT work being done. A lot of people like to wait but can you actually see what's going on? Any MOT centre who doesn't let its customers watch an MOT being done is not worth their salt. If you Get an MOT test at a centre that doesn't let you watch then it's likely that you'll get a hidden surprise at the end on the bill.

There is a lot of people out there who have cars but no auto knowledge, it's easy for MOT centres to take advantage of these types of people, particularly women. An average man or women knows the basic of keeping a car in check but wouldn't know the acceptable conditions for things like suspension bolts and brushes etc. If you can't see what's going on you can't see these things being tested and question it. This means the MOT centre can add extra costs to MOT work.

It's a pretty simple rule but something to consider when taking your vehicle for an MOT. If the centre denies access to view the MOT process then you know something's up! Look for value for money rather than cheap as chips and as transparent as possible because if they're true to their word why can't you see? Drive away with a genuine peace of mind.

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