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Car tips & advice | 11.10.2012 - 19:03

Top Car Tips For Winter

The right way to prepare your car for winter. Typically, you'll wake up and realize that your whole neighborhood is literally covered in snow. The question is are your prepare your car for winter.
Top Car Tips For Winter

The Winter season is one of the most dangerous season's for driving your car. Typically, you'll wake up and realize that your whole neighborhood is literally covered in snow. This presents a varied amount of problems. Firstly, your car might not start. You car may be covered in snow to the point where you can't get into it. Once started, you find that the engine's sluggish. As you're driving along, you approach traffic lights and slow down - only to find that the engine turns itself off. You struggle to turn it back on and cause a traffic jam - Oh the joys of the Winter season. Then, there's ice that can be lethal to both yourself and the drivers behind it. As the snow continues to fall, your car's window screen gets covered and you find it difficult to see. Shortly after, your engine stalls again, and now your batteries dead. You get the idea. Being safe during Winter is extremely important and here's some top tips to help you get through the season without experiencing any of the aforementioned scenarios.

Firstly, always try and ensure that you are carrying necessities in your car. This includes gloves, boots, water, food and any other amenities that you would consider a necessity. You never know when you're going to get snowed in, or when your cars going to break down. If you need to call out a rescue team to come and get you, you might be waiting hours. For that reason alone, packing a thermal blanket can be ideal. While this isn't likely to happen, it does happen to millions of motorists every single Winter.  You should also store an emergency kit in your car. Things such as a screwdriver, pliers, torch, fire extinguisher, de-icer, spare tyre, flares and a battery jumper.

If your car currently benefits from four-wheel drive, make sure it's turned on and that it's working. There's a good chance you won't use 4WD during the summer and autumn months in an attempt cut down on petrol use. But, in the Winter months, four-wheel drive can literally be the savior of your day. You'll have the power you need to drive through heavy snow patches. Furthermore, you'll get the grip you need while driving through icey patches. If your four-wheel drive system isn't working, consult a car mechanic immediately.

Next up, it's time to check the belts and hoses in your car's hood. These are routinely checked when your car goes for it's MOT (usually every 30k miles), but it's important during the Winter months that they are working correctly. By having a mechanic quickly go over your cars belts and hoses, you're making sure that your car's going to survive the Winter months. The cold temperatures effectively weaken your belts and hoses, so it's important to get them replaced as soon as possible. You don't want them snapping while driving, because you'll be calling out a tow truck to come and get you.

While obvious, it's also important that you keep your petrol tank full wherever possible. The average motorist will wait until $5 of gas is left, and then proceed to top up. But, during the Winter months, sometimes your local petrol station is closed or has been snowed in. You'll also be using a lot more petrol as you slam on the gas to drive up snowy banks. Additionally, the cold temperatures can actually damage your car if your petrol tank is low. As the petrol fumes begin to evaporate, it's more than possible that water will get inside your tank. Once this happens, your whole petrol system could fault and stop your car dead in it's tracks. Once again, the only thing you'll be calling out is a tow truck.

It's important to stay safe during the winter months. It's important for you to make sure that your car is fully functioning and that you aren't going to run into any troubles. Plain and simply, around the start of December, call out a local mechanic or take your car in for a quick check over. Fix any problems before they cause a real catastrophe.

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