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Car parts & accessories | 31.07.2013 - 20:23

Reasons Why You Might Need Windshield Replacement Soon

The importance of windshield replacement or auto glass services for your automobile.
Windshield Replacement
Auto Glass Repair being done in Irving, TX.

Make no mistake, your windshield is one of the most important pieces of hardware installed on your vehicle. If debris from the road hits your vehicle’s windshield, it can crack or in some extreme cases simply shatter. Whatever the case and no matter how small the damage may seem, you must visit an auto glass repair shop as quickly as you can when you notice anything wrong with your windshield.

Repair Damage or Replace Windshield?

This is one of the most perplexing questions that many auto owners face when they are dealing with a broken windshield. Fortunately for most, small damages such as chips the size of a quarter can be easily repaired in a few minutes. The process involves sucking the air out of the damaged area and then filling it with a special resin which reinforces the glass when it solidifies. If, however the damage to the glass is too large, it might become imperative to replace the windshield altogether.

The repair of a windshield depends upon three factors – the size of the damage, its severity and its location. Most damages the size of a quarter can be easily repaired using the technique mentioned above, however anything bigger than that and the windshield is best replaced. Also, the damage needs to be restricted to the first layer of the glass, if it has gone deeper than that then, a repair work simply cannot fix it. Finally, even if the damage is small but is in the driver’s view zone it is still recommended that you have your windshield replaced rather than repaired as repair work often leaves visible distortions within the glass which can hinder the driver’s view.

Damage to your vehicle’s windshield can be potentially life threatening if it is not dealt with at the earliest. Your windshield protects you from pebbles and gravel launched in the air by passing vehicles, and it also helps to deflect the airbag in the event of an accident, finally it adds structural strength to the vehicle’s cabin. As you can see, damage to your vehicle’s windshield needs to be taken very seriously!   

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