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26.02.2020 - 11:13

Different Types of Essays In Academic Writing

Essay writing is an important task that students have to deal with in their high school and school years.

Essay writing is an important task that students have to deal with in their high school and school years. Often a part of the standard tests and an important requirement on most college and university applications. Most students struggle when it comes to choosing the correct essay type to write in response to the prompt. There are various types of essays in academic writing and students cannot afford to remain confused about them. 


Although it is understandable if you get confused about the type of essay, as there are various types of essays so anyone can easily get confused. Differentiating between the different essay types is a matter of identifying the author’s goals.  Each subject has a different requirement for different essays, some subject required long essays and some short essays. The main purpose of each type of essay is to describe or explain an issue. This article provides you the description of four basic types of essays and what purpose they serve. 


Narrative Essay


In this type of essay, the author narrates a real-life story. It may sound simple as you just have to tell about your experience in a creative way, but it can be tricky. To come up with a great narrative essay, choose an interesting topic because it is a type of essay where you express yourself and aims to impress your readers. A narrative essay is not just about telling a story but it should provide some sort of lesson to gain valuable insights. 


Descriptive Essay


A descriptive essay is based on the detailed description and analysis of a chosen literary piece of work. In this type, the writer will have to paint a picture with words and deal with adverbs, adjectives, etc. Make use of different tools to describe the topic such as metaphors, analogies, similes, and personifications, etc. 

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Expository Essay


One of the most important academic essay that aims to estimate an object from the writer’s point of view. Expository essay writing is not about explaining other’s ideas but also your knowledge of the subject matter. The writer has to define or explain a topic based on facts, statistics, and relevant examples. 


Persuasive Essay


It is a difficult type of essay that requires more attention to better understand the subject and writing skills to criticize the opponents. Persuasive essays should be influential and ensure the opinion you write in ultimately correct. Otherwise, you will not be able to persuade the reader and eventually fail to demonstrate your viewpoint clearly. Learning how to write a great persuasive essay will not only help you achieve good grades but also help you in the future no matter what career path you choose. 

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