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Car news | 10.10.2012 - 02:58

First BMW With Front Wheel Drive Ever Made

BMW unveils their first ever FWD car at 2012 Paris auto show.
First BMW With Front Wheel Drive Ever Made
BMW unveils their first ever FWD car.

For the first time in BMW's history as a car company they have come out with their first ever front wheel drive car named the Concept Active Tourer, which heads in a completely different direction that the company has built their status on.

With BMW's 100 year anniversary coming in 2016, they have set a goal to reach two million in car sales but closing the gap between  one and a half and two million will not be an easy task. So far BMW has catered to specific drivers with their performance driven rear wheel drive cars, based mostly in North America. Europe and Asia, unlike America look for more efficient cars, which is what BMW is going to have to do to expand more into developing markets like India, and with their new FWD car it might do just that.

The 2012 Paris motor show is where BMW will be unveiling their all new Concept Active Tourer, this will most likely be one of the biggest chances they have taken since their 12 cylinder 7-series back in 1986. Their new concept is being presented as a plug-in hybrid concept hatchback and a version of this car is set go on sale soon being sold as a series 1.

This car will be classified as a subcompact on American roads. With 188 horsepower under the hood with a 1.5 litre turbocharged 3-cylinder engine - which is the beginning of what will be used in future compact BMW's - the equipped lithium-ion battery is said to be able to go for 19 miles on only electricity alone. BMW reports that the car will have an estimated 92 miles to the gallon and is expected to reach a speed of 62 mph in 8 seconds, it also comes with an ECO PRO efficiency driving coach which BMW says that when you are driving will help to increase efficiency by predicting what is to come ahead on the road and notify the driver to "remove foot from accelerator" if there is a tight bend or an unforeseen speed limit change.

With BMW's long history of quality performance and luxury driven rear wheel drive cars they have built up a  loyal fan base over the years, and now with their new FWD concept they are pushing the boundaries and trying to expand into new markets and new drivers with their fuel efficient future ready subcompact concept.

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