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Car tips & advice | 24.07.2013 - 19:07

Five Tips for Building the Perfect Car Garage

This is an article about building the perfect Car Garage.

Let’s face it, guys: When the ladies are getting their hair or nails done or endlessly dress shopping, we’d rather be anywhere but with them. Do we like the way they look in that dress, all done up for us when we go out that evening? Sure. But there are a plethora of other matters at home that demand our testosterone-fueled attention. Take, for example, turning the garage into the ultimate gear head’s fantasy…a place where adjustments on that small-block V-8 are just a shoulder turn away, and where everything we need to keep our four-wheeled pride and joy in prime running condition for those stoplight showdowns are easily accessible.


Behold, the top ways to build your dream car garage:


1. Restructure Garage Walls


It may not be something you’d ordinarily think of, but if you are serious about turning your car’s garage into the ultimate tuner playground, consider removing most of the existing sheetrock – if any exists – to allow for proper installation of electrical wiring to meet power demands. Why? The typical garage of an ordinary home is electrically insufficient, and if you’re plans include using machines such as an air compressor or arc welder, multiple 110-volt receptacles near the floor and at bench height are recommended. Other factors here include garage lighting, which should be of the mounted directional task light origin, on the wall or ceiling overlooking the work area.


2. Create a New Floor


While many consider gas station rest rooms to be the filthiest of all floor surfaces – and, quite frankly, for good reason – it’s also the garage floor that sees a plethora of contaminants. First, sweep up the scraps, dust and stray nuts littering your garage floor and assess the situation – is the floor regularly wet or damp? Is it completely oil-stained? Some of the simple solutions to these issues include patching any cracks in the foundation and scrubbing concrete floors inundated with oil stains with a mild acidic cleaning solution found at most hardware stores. If you want to get crafty, a paint formulated for garage floors such as Behr’s Part Epoxy Acrylic Concrete & Garage Floor Paint can be used.


3. Address Doors and Windows


New garage doors excel at repelling the elements outside, but choices can sometimes be daunting; for your new car garage project, consider custom-built wooden doors designed to create a synergy with the remainder of your home’s style, or perhaps steel doors that should be double-walled and insulated. There are even ways to disguise a garage door to appear as just another exterior wall.


4. Ensure You Have Good Storage


You’re going to need a place to put all those torque wrenches, hacksaws and socket sets, right? Solutions such as storage areas built to specifications as well as industrial-look applications from the likes of Snap-on can be used here, in addition to other storage systems from Whirlpool Corp.’s Gladiator GarageWorks and Sears Craftsman.


5. Give Yourself a Lift


Truly committed – in a good way – home garage junkies will want to look into four-post lifts, designed to facilitate automotive service as well as provide vertical storage for two vehicles. Eagle Equipment has been on the cutting edge of such products, boasting a plethora of lifts that can be used in residential settings.


Sacramento CA self storage units are handy for housing any gear you're not ready to install instantly, but consider the heat or cold factor when thinking about which season you'd like to begin your project.

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