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Buying a car | 09.10.2012 - 23:26

BMW 3 Series 335i e92 Coupe

The insights on the BMW 3 Series 335i e92 Coupe. Find out why it remains as the coolest Coupe until now
e92 Coupe
A sleek sports car for any bachelor/bachelorette that knows what fun and pleasure is...

The BMW e92 series happens to be the fifth generation from the BMW 3 series wide selection of exotic and elegant machines. E92 series is made exclusively as a coupe car for the persons who love a flashy sporty car.

The BMW e90 broad range of series has up to date been the highest selling model for its various ranges of body style and engine choices. The e92 Coupe was made with precision making it quite a flexible car that has numerous levels of performance.

This 335i BMW comes equipped with a fully independent suspension that is inclusive of Aluminum MacPherson struts at the front and steel five-link Multi link suspension at the rear. The front brakes have been made in such a way that they carry more stopping power.

The suspension has been tuned to an extent that it allows very large, high performance front brakes. Steel has been designed to perform and provide greater strength that casting application that has helped in the reduction of both weight and cost of the rear suspension since the rear axle is easily re assembled, adjusted along side the suspension and break system.

The first time the e92 coupe was launched in the motor market was back in 2006. And immediately after the launch people became aware of how its body has its own design.

The Exterior

The BMW 3 Series 335i e92 Coupe design is very different from any other BMW type of car. The Head lamps have been designed to be much narrower, the kidney grills are rounder and the tail lamps have been widened.

The roof has been lowered to make the rear end and trunk have a squishy look. The designers also took their time to come up with unique and wonderful Bumper and side skirts. The things that have been made a little longer and bigger include the doors and the hood.

At the front of the car, both the driver’s and passenger windows have been shortened and widened as the back windows have been made smaller. The rear windshield has been darkened a little to show only a little visibility for anybody from the outside looking inside.

The wheels have been made spacious enough to accommodate 18” and even 19” for this coupe.

The Interior

The dashboard and the center console share similar colors with the front seats that happen to be bucket seats. The steering wheel comes laden with a metallic strip as door handles are made with a blend of Metallic materials.

The Coupe has A/C vents as the automatic transmission shift knobs have been made by chrome material. This coupe version comes fitted with a rear console tray. And the interior and seats have been made from Beige leather that is considered to be better and much more elegant.

The inside of the doors are frameless and carry retractable arms that extend from all the way from the B-pillar to hand the seat belt to the driver and passenger immediately the key has been put in the ignition and after the driver door has been closed.

NB: Finally this e92 series is fitted with a V8 engine with a 450 bhp (336 kW; 456 PS). The coupe has a 6 pot front brake calipers, newer sporty suspension and the rear spoiler is adjustable. So if you are into coupe’s go ahead and try this elegant BMW model and I am sure you’ll get value for your money!

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