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22.01.2020 - 13:22

Best Ways to write down an Essay Hook

In this article we can provide you the best ways with the help of which you can write an essay hook.

Best Ways to write down an Essay Hook

An essay hook may be a quite a gap sentence of your essay. It should be impressive enough to grab the reader’s attention and help them decide if they need to continue reading or not.

Undoubtedly, essay hooks are difficult to get for many of the scholars . Therefore, they often take help from knowledgeable essay writer to urge through with this challenging task.
It is beneficial to write down the hook sentence after you've got finished the entire essay. It helps the author to spot which sorts of hooks would fit his work better.

Types of Essay Hooks

Here are some important sorts of essay hooks that you simply can use to write down an enticing essay.


Start your essays with a quotation from a famous book or a writer. this sort of hooks works for essays regarding a writer, a book or a completely unique . confirm that the quotation has relevancy to your topic.

2. Misconceptions

You can also start your essay with a press release a few commonly accepted truth being false. this may attract your readers and encourage them to continue reading.

3. Anecdotes

Such a sort of hook is acceptable to use while writing a narrative or descriptive essays. An anecdote may be a short and to the purpose story designed to explain your argument. you'll also add a touch humor because it will spark the reader’s interest within the topic.

4. Personal Story

This hook is ideal for writing narrative and college essays. A writer can use personal pronouns within the story.

5. Statistical Data

Use statistical data to hook the readers with new facts and figures. However, confirm to cite the first source.

6. Questions

You can start your hook statement with an issue . It can create a reader’s personal interest in your essay. However, don’t draft a too general question.

7. Scenes

Most of the people are visually-oriented. Therefore, writers often used the technique of drawing a scene to assist the reader see a transparent picture in mind.
Follow these steps to write down an exciting and interesting essay hook. 


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