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14.12.2019 - 10:34

Car Interior Cleaning and Detailing Tips that Will Make Your Life Easy

Cars need to regularly clean to look best. If that is done with some attention to detail, every time you take it out, it will look new.

Cars need to regularly clean to look best. If that is done with some attention to detail, every time you take it out, it will look new. Vacuuming and dusting help to keep it clean, but that is only surface cleaning. You have to detail the upholstery at least two to three times a year to make the interior look great. You should be careful with new products. Color fading can occur if you use any cleaner. Not every cleaner works perfectly. Here is a short guide about detailing and cleaning the interior of your car.

1. Interior Detailing

The interior of a vehicle does not get properly treated. There can be so much traffic. This is why you need something that is of high quality, which can resist this. If you have done car trimming, you can see it fades away in some time because of all the traffic. There are dirt, food, crumbs, makeup, and many more contaminants. The good news is, it is not necessary to detail the interiors of your car every time you clean your vehicle. You can do a quick vacuum and a wipe-down every two weeks to get rid of the regular dirt. But if you have beach mud and tracking leaves and grass, you will need to detail to keep it good. 

2. A Weekly Cleanup for the Interiors

If you clean up weekly, you do not have to worry about the accumulation of dirt inside your car. Take a clean and damp cloth and wipe down leather, vinyl, and plastic surfaces. You can use a microfiber detailing towel for excellent results. It will be lint-free and dust-free. Brush of the dirt and debris from the floor mat. Pick up the trash that you usually toss to the backseat. Use a clean, damp towel and wipe down the window sills and door jambs. 

3. Monthly Detailing

You will need more than a weekly wipe-down in a month. Your interior glass will have a film develop. You have to vacuum your dash, carpet, and console. Use a good glass cleaner and microfiber detailing towel to clean the glass. Follow the weekly cleanup. It will be useful to apply some UV protector for vinyl, which is the dash, console, and door panel tops. Clean the rubber door, hood seals, and trunk. 

4. Proper vacuuming 

When it comes to vacuuming, all you need is a good vacuum, and it's attachments. Ten to fifteen minutes and your car interiors get properly vacuumed. Your vacuum's crevice attachment and dust brush attachment should be made of metal and not plastic. It should also be of good quality, not cheap. Because an inexpensive attachment might damage the vinyl upholstery. Reach between and under the seats using the crevice tool. If you vigorously move the carpet, it will bring up more grit and sand. 

5. Dashboard and Console

The deck under and the dash gets a lot of sun exposure. There are chances for fading and crack on them. Every time you wash your car, wipe the dashboard and console. Once a month, use a vinyl protector on it. UV protectors are available for reducing the effect of sun rays on your dash and console that gives a perfect finish. You can use a foam applicator pad to apply the vinyl protectant on the dash. Wipe it thoroughly after spraying it on the applicator. Be careful not to spray it on your glasses or upholstery. Shift boot, steering wheel, and turn signal levers should also be cleaned and protected. Soak the vinyl protectant 3 to 5 minutes and buff the das. Dry it with the microfiber detailing towel. 

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