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Argumentative Essay Topics Help in College Debates

As college debates are part of the academic curriculum for any student, taking part in the same is the best mental and academic exercise for the student.

Choose your favorite topic from the list of Argumentative essay topics

As college debates are part of the academic curriculum for any student, taking part in the same is the best mental and academic exercise for the student. Therefore, it is always advisable that students practice writing essays on any of the themes selected from the available argumentative essay topics.

As with the other essay writing formats from https://writemyessay.services/buy-essay/, this essay also should contain an introduction page with the outline or contents page for the lengthy essay paper. The main body of the essay should follow this. The conclusion can come on the last page, which just summarizes the views and counterviews detailed in the essay on the selected theme.

To have a better comprehension of the essay writing technique, it is advisable to look at other essays like process essays and academic essay

Search for the topic

This will mean surfing the internet, while looking at the authenticated websites. It will also include looking at various journals, articles, books and magazines related with the controversial issues. The idea should be to pick any of the topics that can generate more positive and negative arguments. However, the need is to keep in mind that as per human nature, we all will be best writers and orators if we write on our most favorite subject.

Since it is always comfortable to write on the controversial argumentative essay topics, which are familiar, therefore the student should always look for the facts revolving around such topics only.

Choose a topic

Here is a list of few topics that can be elaborated to prepare a full-fledged paper on the same.

  1. Can we accept the highlighted benefits of current age computer technology, without any questions? Although, seemingly there may be lot of benefits with the use of computers that have changed our lives for better, still there are some hazardous aftereffects of the same, like strain on eyes, due to screen glare or deformation of hand wrists, due to overworking on the computer keyboards. The student needs to explain in detail with supporting data from established sources to put forward the merits and demerits of this technology
  2. Does humanity allow us to use animals for conducting medical or other research? As we have worldwide animal love foundations and groups, this issue is becoming more and more controversial, everyday. However, the medical research advancement is not possible without such animal use, as we all know that any future medicine or drug is first tried on mice. Since this is one of the most debated argumentative essay topics, therefore students can look forward to a hot discussion on this theme, with views and counter views being forwarded, with ease.
  3. Has television viewing and computer internet chatting reduced our personal contacts and social networking within the real world?

The other topics can be picked up from various other essays like essay outline and political essays,

In any case, the student will need to be innovative and imaginative while discussing about a topic as it can be related with events concerning our daily life.

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