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Examplify Your Illustration Essays With Relevant Thesis Statement Examples

Usually illustration essays are classified into two broad categories

Use of pictures can also help while writing interesting illustration essays

Usually illustration essays are classified into two broad categories. First is the type of essay that reviews certain illustration programs or software like coral, flash, director etc. The second type of this research paper is the example essay, which aims at illustrating or proving a certain viewpoint. However, in both the cases, the document should aim at highlighting facts about the topic, given in the main thesis statement of the essay.

Here are some tips for writing a good illustration or exemplification essay. However, before reading further, students are advised to look at other papers like expository essay or persuasive essay to gain knowledge on the presentation skills of any argument within the essay body.

Select a topic to make your point

In case of a text essay, it is essential that students select a topic that has relevance and mass appeal. While students may be comfortable to pick a topic for all illustration essays that concerns their daily life, yet it may not be suitable to make or prove a point. Therefore, the purpose of the topic selection must be to write on certain themes that can be supported by various examples and illustrations, for proving your viewpoint.

Hence, it is essential that students provide with sufficient number of examples, while giving their details, to prove their point. As the larger interest of the audience should be kept in mind, it is necessary that the examples have the required impact to illustrate and get your viewpoint across to the readers, in an absorbing manner.

Example types

While brief examples can be given frequently in the essay, to remain in line with your thesis statement, extended example would have details that will function as concrete illustrations to support your argument. However, all the examples should have the potential to invoke the interest of majority of the audience. For example, while writing on the evils of smoking, students can cite various examples of lung cancer and other dangerous diseases contracted by the habitual smokers. As this will have a mass appeal, giving an example of a chain smoker living until 100 years of age without any health problem will not support the selected topic.

Students should also go through other papers like college essay , which will help them to organize their illustration essays in a better way. However, all essays should be written with proper essay format

Use of graphics as illustrations

As mentioned above, this is the other type of essay, which has pictures as illustrations to emphasize on a certain theory. As we have power point and other visual presentation software tools, these can be applied to illustrate a certain viewpoint in a better manner. However, students should use their imaginative and innovative skills to make a visual presentation, while trying to put their point across. A distinct feature of the use of graphics and pictures in any essay is its ability to keep the audience hooked. Nevertheless, if it is not well organized, the audience will find it boring, sooner than a text essay.

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