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Security | 16.07.2013 - 01:07

Hang up and Drive! Five Things We Should Stop Doing While Driving

Driving is something we all do quite frequently, here are some ways to stay safe while doing so.

Driving is something that most people do every single day; whether it be to go and pick up the kids from school, or a commute to work. It is possible to become so used to operating a vehicle that you feel capable of multitasking while doing it. No matter how confident you are in your ability to do other things while driving, it's still extremely dangerous and can have fatal consequences if you aren't careful. These are five things everyone should stop doing while driving.


Eating on the Road

How many times have you swung through your favorite fast food restaurant and then returned to the road with cheeseburger in hand and the steering wheel in your other? Although you might think consuming food while driving as a time saver, it's also incredibly dangerous and could cause trouble in traffic. What if you suddenly need both hands on the steering wheel? Avoid eating while driving.


Children as Distractions

Driving around with children can be quite the distraction. The younger a child is, the more distracting they statistically are to the driver, and this could create a situation for disaster if you take your eyes off the road for too long. Leave the kids alone if possible, and keep your eyes ahead.


Cell Phones

You should not talk, text, or use apps on your phone while driving if at all possible. The amount of time that your eyes need to be glued to a screen to text while drive is staggering, and it ultimately creates the perfect opportunity for an accident. Leave the phone to the side, and only check your phone once you have reached your destination. It might help to turn off the sound so it doesn't distract you or tempt you to give it a quick glance while on the road.


Driving on Little to No Sleep

It's surprising how many people get behind the wheel to drive while tired or drowsy. Although you might think you can handle it, a surprising 41% of drivers have reported that they've fallen asleep at the wheel at least once in their lives. This is exactly why it's imperative that you are fully awake and alert for the drive you have planned. A Car Accident Lawyer at McAllen tells us to check any medications to make sure you are in a good condition to be behind a wheel.


Watching Everything But the Road

A car wreck on the side of the road can be very distracting, but you can't be too inquisitive. Be sure to watch the road even when things of this nature occur. Even checking your blind spot should be done quickly so you can stay aware of the car in front of you. Sudden stops are hard to slow down for, especially if already distracted.

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