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Car tips & advice | 16.07.2013 - 01:07

Five Reasons to Road Trip Stateside This Summer

Discover some great reasons for taking a state side road trip this summer instead of spending lots of money on a plane ticket.
Take the scenic route!

Summer is here, which means that you are ready to hit the road for some warm-weather fun. When you think of summer, you probably think of barbeques, air conditioners and long vacations in far away places, but there is one summer option that you should never forget about: the stateside road trip.


1. You Will Discover Your Sense of Adventure Closer to Home

Although a trip to a foreign country can be a lot of fun, you can experience an equally awesome adventure here in the states. Not only does a road trip provide the opportunity to encounter the unexpected, but it also gives you the chance to jump into the unknown. Take that long, winding shortcut through the creepy woods or stop at that roadside diner you've always been curious about. It doesn't matter how lost you get or how bad the food is. You and your friends will be making memories together without needing a passport.


2. You Will Be Free of Time Restraints

Unlike taking a flight to a far-off land, which requires you be packed and ready to go at a certain time, stateside road trips follow your own schedule. Do you want to sleep in? Do you want to drive through the night? It's all up to you, and the plan can always change at any time.


3. You Can Enjoy The Scenery

Road trips have another advantage over airplanes: you get to take in all the flowers, mountains, city skylines, statues and other landmarks along the way. You never know what you might see, from an unexpected UFO to a wild animal. Be sure to have your camera ready!


4. You Will Save Money

From passport fees to plane tickets, one thing is for certain: foreign travel is expensive. When you choose to travel to a foreign country, you could spend over a thousand dollars on your ticket alone. That money could stretch quite far if you spent it on a stateside road trip instead.


5. You Will Bond With Your Friends

There are few situations in life that have the power to create such lasting memories as a road trip with your closest friends. As much as you would probably love to take off on a foreign backpacking trip with all of your closest friends, the reality is that this isn't going to be possible for a lot of reasons. There are kids, jobs and a number of other responsibilities that could prevent any one of your friends from flying to the other side of the world, but most of them could probably make time for a weekend road trip.


Before taking off, check that you have current insurance for your vehicle. Auto insurance in Lansing is affordable and easy to obtain, and it will ensure that you are protected during your trip.

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