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12.02.2019 - 08:50

Brainstorming Online

Spokk is a social networking platform to help improve your skills, ideas and even creations through honest crowdsourced opinions.

How to Get Started on Spokk.io


Have you ever felt the need of a guiding force lighting up the path at times when you are overwhelmed, or are not confident enough to take a decision? Or, do you wish you had seniors or friends to critique your abilities and provide a consistent source of motivation!


If you have ever felt deprived of valuable opinion in your lives, Spokk.io is the gamechanger that you need. Spokk is a semi-anonymous personality development app that allows people to get their ideas, skills and creations critiqued through crowdsourced opinions.


Here you have a bunch of like-minded individuals brainstorming online to provide valuable insight into the situations presented by their fellow users. You can ask questions, or offer your unhindered opinion anonymously.


Users can choose their audience base, and whether or not they would like to display the opinions received on the original question.


If you are intrigued by the idea and want to try it out for yourselves, here is how to get started.




Visit spokk.io and create a new account using your Facebook profile or Google ID. Finish the registration process by selecting five personality traits that you would like to work on.


Create Your First Post


Once your profile is setup, post your first question. It can either be a text, image poll or star rating depending on your question. You can post your content on Spokk or can leave a link to your Google Drive, blog, etc.


On clicking the ‘Show Advanced Options’ button, you have two options to choose from. You can enable comments on your post or can filter them at your discretion. Sharing is only available on Public posts, so make sure your privacy settings are tuned accordingly.


If you are concerned about sharing prototype designs and ideas with the world, you can create Groups and add friends around whom you are comfortable discussing your ideas.


Share the Link with the World


Once you are done with the post, click on the small share icon and share the link on any social media profile you are comfortable with. You could share the link on your blog, YouTube description, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Reddit or whichever forum your end users prefer!


Among the select few online brainstorming tools that exist today, Spokk.io is surely the most innovative! The possibilities of the app are endless, simply waiting to be explored.

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