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13.11.2018 - 10:55

iphone giveaway

This is really a golden and lifetime opportunity for people who want to have iphone giveaway now.

Specific features of the new Apple iPhone 7

Apple has grown to become a very famous brand across the globe. With the increasing days, its demand in the market is increasing. Well, Apple iPhone 7 is one of the latest variants which have become a topic to wonder about in the market. It consists of the unique and the mesmerizing features. It has its own specialty and different league .the device is one of the registered trademarks of the apple company. these high-end phones are not affordable for anyone easily. There are a number of websites which provides the attractive and the pleasant offers which allow you to buy the iPhone. One of the known websites is en.iphone-gratuit.net.

It's features

This device of apple is different in its own way. its distinct and attracting features have made it a big thing for the public to use. with the presence of the spell bounding camera and attractive display, it has become one of the favorites of the public. Some of its most common listed specialties are:

• 12-megapixel camera
• 2 GB RAM
• Dust and water resistant
• Scratch proof
• 1960 MAH battery
• iOS 10.0.1
• 32/128/256GB ROM
• Quard core processor
• 4.7” touchscreen

Additional features

Unlike the iPhone 6, this newly launched iPhone 7 is enriched with the new brand colors. these bright colors have enhanced the beauty of the device. It gives the accessibility to the 3D touchscreen. other than this 3D touch screen it also gives some additional advantages of the device. It has a presence of the A10 fusion processor which provides the accessibility of the speed of the phone. it also consists of the DSLR features along with the dual camera .this device is also accessible to the better sound quality and the network technology as compared to the other lower versions of the mobile.

This device has come over the various defects of the lower versions of the iphones. this device is a result of the entire defect which has been seen in the lower sets.


This device beats the lower device and additionally it has also defeated the other brands which are launched on the same day. It has won the battle among the different mobiles of different companies. Although other companies like Samsung and goggle are also introducing the viewer technology, they are not so eligible to come over the technology of the apples .it has grown to become the game changer with its new innovative ideas. Read more

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