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05.11.2018 - 20:51

6 Car Hacks for Cooler Weather

Cold weather is starting to make its way into the fall season, so it’s important to keep safety in mind while you’re on the roads.

Inclement weather like rain, ice and snow can create a lot of dangerous situations while driving. What can you do to be prepared this season? Check out these 6 car hacks for cooler weather.

1. Use Shaving Cream for Inside of Windshield

With the same active ingredient as a defroster, foam shaving cream is perfect for keeping your windows from fogging up while you drive. Use it on the interior of all your car windows and wipe away the excess to create a light protective coat.

2. Put Plastic Bags Over Your Side Mirrors at Night

This is a great tip if you don’t have a garage for your car. Wrapping your windows at night with plastic bags helps prevent them freezing or getting covered in snow. This certainly helps create a quicker departure when you’re leaving for work early in the morning.

3. Keep Your Trunk Weighted Down

Keeping your trunk weighted down will create a little more traction as you drive. This is helpful if you happen to hit a slick spot on the road. You might throw a 20lb bag of kitty litter in the trunk or even a box of old books.

4. Raise Your Windshield Wipers and Cover Them with Socks

Windshield wipers have the tendency to freeze to the windshield in cold weather. By lifting them up and covering them with a pair of long socks, you’ll prevent this from happening and make it much easier to scrape your windshield before your commute in the morning.

5. Brush Your Headlights with Toothpaste

This is really helpful any time of the year, but when the weather is often rainy or foggy, it’s even more important to have bright, clear headlights to guide the way. Using toothpaste and an old toothbrush is a great way to restore their shine.

6. Use Floor Mats or Cardboard for Traction in Snow

If you get stuck in the snow and your tires aren’t gaining any traction, try lying cardboard or even your car’s floor mats down underneath your wheels. Kitty litter can also work underneath the tires to help your car gain traction. If you’ve still got some in your trunk for extra weight, now is a great time to open it up!

A Note on Safety

Heavy rain or other inclement weather can make driving a challenge. Stay alert on the road and remain focused on driving. According to McKinney, Tucker, and Lemel, car accident lawyers, if you do get in a wreck, you could be entitled to compensation for medical bills or property damage. Be sure to report any accidents with the police right away to ensure documentation of all that took place.

Additionally, consider offering transportation assistance to your elderly loved ones as winter weather and driving retirment can keep them from being able to commute. 


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