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04.10.2018 - 12:47

How To Write Argumentative Essay - Easy Steps

Choosing the right arguments for your essay is not an easy task. But, knowing some subtleties, the process of writing this paper turns into pleasure.

Students at both high school and undergraduate level struggle with writing argument essay despite the fact that writing them is least boring as compared to writing other types of essays. Keeping in view of the difficulties which student face, this article addresses the question of how to go about writing an argument essay and it also gives different suggestions and recommendations which students can use in order to make their task of writing an argument essay easy and simple.


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Take a stance in the thesis statement

To begin with, let us talk about how a student should start his or her argumentative essay definition. Like other papers, the very first paragraph should address briefly the topic of your essay. The thing which is crucial in writing the introduction of topic is to excite and motivate the topic to the extent that the reader feels compelled to read the rest. In addition to that, always remember to mention the thesis statement in the first paragraph of your argument essay. 


The thesis statement basically summarizes all your points in one line. In an argument essay, your thesis statement in the introductory paragraph will tell the readers about your stance which you are taking regarding your underlying topic of essay. It is important to reiterate here that your thesis statement needs to be very concise and precise about the stance you are taking. An argument papers with an ambivalent and vague thesis statement will definitely earn you very low marks and hence low grades. So, you need to be careful in doing this part.


Organize your strong points

Moving towards the body of essay, students often make a common mistake of presenting just one side of the picture which is not enough for earning good marks on argumentative or persuasive essay. Before you present your arguments and make your case it is important that you describe the complete scenario of the controversy which you are trying to address in your paper. After presenting the counter side, you should focus on supporting evidences with the help of which you will prove that your stance is the correct one in your argument essay. 


It is worth remembering here that organized points always attract more attention and sound more persuasive than non-organized and haphazard points. You should not shy away from using statistical evidences when focusing on your arguments in an argument essay.


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