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Car news | 03.07.2013 - 21:18

The Kia UK Range for 2013

Whether you’re an expert on Kia cars or you’ve just noticed them whizzing past you on the road and been impressed by their good looks, you’ll probably know that the people at Kia like a well-designed vehicle.
Picant from Kia

And with the 2013 range of cars now fully off of the production line and ready to rev their way into your garage, now is the perfect time to get a little more familiar with this fantastic range of automobiles.

So if you’re thinking of picking a Kia for your next family car or company vehicle, here’s a quick guide to help you decide which one is right for you.


Long the favourite of young drivers and city dwellers, it’s hard to beat the hatchback when it comes to efficiency and value for money.

The Picanto, the most compact and affordable of the Kia range, is a small car with a big attitude.

Available in either three or five-door versions and packed with safety features and technological advances, this little car is the perfect choice for anyone looking to combine innovative design with great build quality.

The Picanto has received a number of great innovations from Kia

The middle price range hatchbacks include the Rio, Soul and Venga, each of which has something unique to offer the driver.

The Soul, with its distinctive square profile is probably the most instantly recognisable of the three, offering those who still want the flexibility of a small car, a spacious and well thought out interior.

Full to bursting with design and technological innovations, the new Cee’d, Pro_cee’s Gt and Pro_ceed come in at the top of the Kia hatchback range.

Offering world-class good looks and award winning design, all three of these cars would be ideal for anyone who likes to combine a powerful drive with a beautiful build. Although you may get significantly fewer miles to the gallon compared to the Picanto.

All of the Hatchbacks and other models too are available from your local Kia dealer to see them at first hand, WLMG has the entire range.


When it comes to Kia Saloon cars there’s only one choice, the Kia Optima.

Luckily, Kia has crammed all of their design and technological innovations into this elegantly finished car. So even though it alone represents the Kia saloon range, you won’t find it lacking.


To create their estate car, Kia took all of the good qualities from the Cee’d hatchback, and then made it a little bit bigger to bring you the Cee’d Sportswagon.

This extra square-footage transforms the Cee’d from a nifty compact car into a great family vehicle, perfect for camping holidays, days out and the hustle and bustle of family life.

The Sportage is a great example of a modern, design-friendly4x4


SUV 4x4s

As with all of their cars, Kia has put a lot of effort into cramming all of their design and technological know-how into their two SUV 4x4s. Making both the Sportage and the New Sorento fantastic examples of four-wheel drives.

The New Sorento in particular offers a wealth of advances, with Kia claiming to have improved both the handling and the ride as well as implementing a range of hi tech safety features.

Although as it comes in on average around £7000 more than the Sportage, you’d hope for a few bells and whistles to justify the price tag.

The exact model that you decide on will of course depend on your needs and your budget, but with Korea’s oldest car manufacturer offering such consistently high design and build values; it’s hard to go too far wrong.

If you still unsure, the only way to whittle it down further is to go for a test drive, so contact your local dealer, select a model or two and prepare to have some fun.

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