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28.06.2018 - 12:31

2018 Honda Amaze Review - autoX

The new 2018 Honda Amaze launched in India. Read the full Honda Amaze review below to find out more.

The Honda Amaze has been, without doubt, a crucial car in Honda’s Indian portfolio as it has been the car of many firsts. Besides being the first compact sedan from the brand, it was also the first diesel offering as well. While the Amaze may not have given Honda segment-leading sales figures in its lifespan so far but despite this, the car has certainly been well received by its decent-sized customer base. As competition has only gotten stronger over the years, the Amaze seemed to have lost steam, evident from its declining sales numbers despite a mid-cycle refresh in 2016.


So, to regain lost ground, this new 2nd generation Amaze is with us today and really, it promises to better the first one in every aspect. From the first glance, there is a remarkable change in the styling owing to the new-generation looks however, they might not necessarily be for the better. The old car, in my opinion, was definitely the better looking of the two as it was more balanced. The new car’s vertical front and rear styling do not look that appealing. On the contrary, it makes the car look really abrupt or unfinished. So, the side profile is the best one to have a look at.


Adequate changes have been carried out in the interior as well with a new dashboard set up and a new steering wheel. The old car’s interior quality received a lot of flak from journalists and customers alike for its cheap feel and flimsy fit. However, the new car does a much better job of it. Some buttons, like those on the steering, still feel plasticky but overall refinement tips the scale back in its favour.


While the seats have been majorly improved in terms of comfort and support, space does remain a cause of concern as there is not enough headroom for tall passengers on the rear seat and neither is it wide enough for three-abreast seating.


Available with both petrol and diesel engine options, it will also become the first in its class to offer a diesel CVT option to its customers. While the petrol motor can certainly do with more power and punch, it’s the cabin noise levels that can be an issue on the diesel manual variant. The diesel CVT, however, does quite well in terms of low NVH levels.


Overall, the Honda Amaze is certainly a few notches better than its predecessor. But, having taken care of the issues of the old car, the new one still has some of its own. Nevertheless, it seems that Honda has done more than enough to give the Amaze a fighting edge with rivals like the Maruti Dzire and Volkswagen Ameo. Whilst the Honda reliability remains unaffected, the new Amaze is sure to find quite a few buyers. Read the in-depth 2018 Honda Amaze review to find out more.


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